Traffic congestion may have eased a bit, but ridership grows at the CTA

Last week we saw the story about how auto traffic congestion has eased a bit in the last couple of months, mostly due to layoffs in this recession.

Meanwhile, the CTA has reported a 2.6% increase in ridership over the last year, with rail rides seeing 4.8% increase. Certainly, some of that is due to reduced rides because of three-tracking on the Red. That was finished late last year.

Also Red Line subway slow zone work shut the tunnels many weekends last year. Because of the subway closings last year, the Chicago station reports a 730% increase on Saturday -- from 1,357
to 11,255. And Grand reports a 779% jump on Saturdays from 1,038 to
9,123. Weekday traffic at Grand increased 15%.

The Brown Line project is due finally to be finished this year. The main punch items on the Brown are the elevators at the Belmont and Fullerton stations.



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  • Kevin, interesting post--particularly b/c I just sold my car after getting tired of traffic and parking tickets.

    What's the CTA doing to alleviate congestion?

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    "What's the CTA doing to alleviate congestion?"

    They take cars just like yours off the roads, and put their passengers on a bus or train. Less cars = less congestion.

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    Looks like Chicago area public transportation might be getting $2.7 billion from a new bill approved by Quinn today. Hopefully we can make some good use of these funds and get some matching federal money as well.

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    With the Belmont/Fullerton Stations, does anyone know if the person in the Red Eye ( , specifically "CTA shouldn't be a pane") is correct about the glass panels?

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