The new journalism: Collaborative effort tweets crucial info on Saturday Red Line subway closure

New media (Twitter) and old media (newspaper coverage and phone calls) converged Saturday to provide CTA riders with up-to-the-minute news about the Red Line subway closure.

It was at 11:42 am Saturday that the first CTA Tweet went out about problems on the Red Line. Punkcoder reported good stuff that CTA Tweet retweeted immediately:

"RT @punkcoder: @ctared Sbound trains redirected above ground due to an equipment failure. No word yet from #CTA:"

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Just three minutes later we had details on the real reason why the Red Line subway was closed for more than two hours on a busy Saturday afternooon:

"Confirmed: all @ctared trains rerouted to El tracks between Fullerton and Cermak-Chinatown due to a fire. Details here:"

Then a few minutes later, CTA Tweet posted the detail about the trash fire found at the Sun-Times site.

"Trash fire at Clark and Division is the cause of the @ctared redirect to the El, according to @suntimes: #CTA"

Not too long after that CTA Tweet picked up another rider's report of smoke filtering down to the Chicago station:

"@suntimes: no #CTA trains involved in @ctared fire, but smoke may go to Chicago Ave RT @dward8384"

More riders then tweeted about their experiences in the aftermath of the trash fire:

"@ctatweet for some reason, my brown line train is running xpress belmont-western. Must be because of the added crowd on here"

I was at the Fullerton platform when I heard it was all over and service was back to normal, So I called my brother and Dan and he tweeted:

"@ctrared back to normal about 20 minutes ago"

So, through the convergence of citizen journalism powered by Twitter, and old-fashioned newspaper reporting posted quickly on the Net, we were able to provide practically minute-by-minute updates until the Red Line subway reopened.

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  • Not on this topic, but the Tribune today had the official word on the Washington station, including that they had stripped it (4th Q).

    However, I believe that KevinB had told us that at least 8 months ago.

    Maybe on this topic, the bird in the picture looks like the ones Conan O'Brien blows up on the Tonight Show.

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