Yellow Line weekend service made permanent; other service changes

Weekend Yellow Line riders can count on more rides between Dempster and Howard, now that the CTA has decided to made weekend service permanent. It had been operating on an experimental basis since early last year.

However, Yellow Line service will be interrupted this weekend due to a Rail Rodeo competition for the American Public Transportation Assn. Yellow Line service will be suspended on Friday, June 12 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and all morning Saturday, June 13 until 1 p.m. There will be shuttle service instead.

The CTA also announced experimental bus service changes for the No. 18, 53A, 55A, 67, 130, and 157. See this release for details. Also, the No. 43 will enjoy extended hours till midnight on weekends. On the flip side, the CTA is considering eliminating the No. 200 Main Shuttle: "Following the relocation of the Rand McNally corporate headquarters in
January, ridership along the route has declined to fewer than 100 rides
per day." Check back here later for the announcement of a public hearing date. 

No Blue Line work? The CTA's weekend service change release does NOT list Blue Line slow zone work for the first time in many weeks. So enjoy yourselves, Blue riders!


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  • Interrupting service for a so-called "rail rodeo" seems silly and stupid. Why not have the rodeo on tracks that are not in regular use? It's just another example of the poor planning that is endemic throughout the city and state.

  • I'd been meaning to comment on this -- the last week and a half service has been faster on the blue line -- could we get some kind of confirmation from the CTA that this work is finished?

  • Hey eBob, it's not just silly and stupid or poor planning, it's straight-out wrong. Someone should pass a law.

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