CTA photos from 1967-68 show another world, another time

A large series of CTA photos from 1967-68 shows a vastly different landscape and various vehicles, including the "trolley bus."

The photos are from a Flickr set by David Wilson. I honestly don't know where he came across them -- whether he shot them himself or compiled them. But they are a cool part of history.

Feel free to browse the set. I include five of the photos in the slideshow below. I do love this classic with the political ad for another Daley. (Hat tip to Paul Smith.)

Trolley bus Chicago Ave. @ State St.jpg


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  • I love trackless trolleys -- Boston, where I grew up, still has a few lines in very heavy use. Fast, quiet, nonpolluting, efficient. The only inconvenience is the occasional disengagement from the overhead lines, but it takes less than a minute to fix it. Considering Chicago's grimy air laden with the stink of exhaust, trackless trolleys would be a real boon here.

  • The Big Green Limousine! Thanks for posting those.

  • Great pictures! The photos of the green and white L cars remind me of my very first rides, which happened right around this time. I can still remember the brown Naugahyde seats and the windows that cranked open. Ahhh, memories of nascent transit-geekdom.

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