Red Line and Blue Line work this weekend; another helicopter lift

While Blue Line riders this weekend must endure the shuttle buses from Clark/Lake to Western as usual, Red Line riders will see the tunnel closed in each direction on different nights.

Southbound trains will be rerouted to the elevated tracks from 9 pm Friday to 9 am Saturday while crews perform track and power maintenance work. Norhbound riders can still board in the tunnel during that time.

But northbound trains will be diverted to the El tracks from 9 pm Saturday till 9 am Sunday. And southbound riders will still board in the tunnel.

Let's hope the customer assistants and good signage are all doing their jobs to prevent confusion.

Blue Line blues. And once again, slow zone work will shut the Blue Line from Clark/Lake to Western from 10 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Monday. Shuttle buses will ferry passengers to all the closed stops.

CTA Tattler on Outside the Loop radio. Yours truly explained the nature of the Blue Line work on Outside the Loop radio recently. You can hear the podcast here.

Another helicopter lift reroutes buses. The No. 4 Cottage Grove and No. 60 Blue Island/26th will be rerouted from 9 till 11 am Sunday due to a helicopter lift at 200 E. Randolph, tha Aon Center. That's the second time in two months.  


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  • YO! I am *pissed*!

    The old CTA tattler site had full RSS feeds. The Chicago Now feed is stingy, cuts off after a few hundred characters. FIX IT!

  • I agree completely with forkmother. Please, please, please bring back the full RSS feeds!

  • You're pissed?

    How angry do you get when something that really matters affects you? Get a gun?

    I have to believe that full RSS feeds has to rank fairly low on your life's problems.

  • It's what I call a first-world problem.

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