Bus ads may cause a double-take, but not an express ride

The bus ads for Gameloft's Block Breaker Deluxe 2 certainly are tempting:


"Beat the first level in under a minute to make this bus express! Text block to 82174."

Who wouldn't want the bus to go express? But hey, it's just another sales ploy. And the CTA is OK with that, says a spokesperson.

"The ads use humor and are not intended to be taken literally. The ad you noted implies that time flies when you play the game. One of the others is: 'Play a perfect hand and someone has to give you their seat.' The CTA does not consider them to violate truth in advertising guidelines."

Fair enough. Most regular riders know a bus is not about to go express in the middle of the route. Let's just hope those tourists don't fall for it.

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