CTA Holiday Train schedule: It's all Green Line this weekend - and a splash of Orange

The CTA’s Sprint Holiday Train will travel the Green Line on Black Friday and this coming Saturday. The final Green Line run comes on Tuesday, Dec. 1. But since the special bedecked train is housed at Midway, the run will start on the Orange Line. The train will make one trip from Midway to Harlem/Lake,... Read more »

North Side advocates win resumption of key portion of #11 Lincoln bus

After three years of relentless aldermanic pressure and rider complaints, the CTA will bring back the #31 31st Street bus and a crucial portion of the #11 Lincoln as part of a pilot project. The CTA last week also set Dec. 21 as the date for resumption of the rush-hour express bus service on Ashland and... Read more »

CTA Sprint Holiday Train debuts Saturday on Red Line

The CTA’s Holiday Train debuts today with an extra run on the Red Line, paid for through a $300,000 sponsorship with Sprint. This is the first year the train will run before Thanksgiving. Families heading to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival this evening can start pumping the holiday spirit early by hopping the Holiday Train... Read more »

Global terror threats on CTA? How about home-grown criminals?

Not too long after the heinous terrorists attacks on Paris, stories started surfacing about U.S. cities increasing vigilance against terrorist acts at home, including word that the CTA was stepping up security. That just made me think that we’ve already had a recent spate of crime on the CTA. Here are just a few headlines... Read more »

Ventra app to be released Thursday; boon for Metra riders

The long-awaited Ventra app for smartphones will be released this Thursday, allowing users to buy and use Metra tickets and passes on their phones, and manage their CTA Ventra cards. However, the ability to use your phone instead of a Ventra card to board a CTA train or bus won’t come until later, with no... Read more »

CTA's hilarious courtesy campaign wins top award

It's the polite thing to do to let riders exit the train before you try to bull your way on to it.
The CTA’s courtesy campaign has won the Grand Award from the American Public Transportation Association for Public Relations/Awareness or Educational Campaign. It’s a well-deserved award. The photos that illustrate discourteous behavior are hilarious. Check them out again. —————————– If you like this post, please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And, never... Read more »

Photos: Evacuation of Red Line train after CTA derailment

A Red Line train derailed just north of the Granville station Saturday afternoon, resulting in the evacuation of all passengers. The derailment was called “minor” by CTA officials. These photos were taken of the evacuation by Ann H. —————————– If you like this post, please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.... Read more »

Yellow Line makes comeback Friday; free rides for a week

About 2,500 weekday Yellow Line riders no doubt will be smiling Friday when the rail shut down since May finally reopens. And if they board at Dempster or Oakton stations in Skokie, they will ride for free until Nov. 6. And actually, the CTA is holding its breath that all the riders actually come back.... Read more »

Help fund documentary about women, online harassment and civility

I’ve written here a number of times about the harassment that women face regularly on the CTA. Earlier this month I applauded the CTA for expanding its own anti-harassment campaign. Of course, the reality is that women – and some men – face harassment as part of everyday life on the streets, at work, wherever.... Read more »

Cool video captures CTA Wilson station construction

Thumbnail image for 'Cool video captures CTA Wilson station construction'
A cool time-lapse video shows construction of the new Wilson station, documenting well the deteriorated Purple Line tracks in the area. Luke Starkenburg did a fabulous job showing traffic from Granville to Lawrence. You gotta check it out. —————————– If you like this post, please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.... Read more »