CTA making some progress on leasing rail properties

The space at Morse is for lease after a rehab in 2012.
The CTA is reporting some progress on leasing long-vacant storefronts and other station properties. But some locations that have been vacant for years are still proving to be hard sells. At its board meeting earlier this month, the CTA approved eight new concession leases at rail stations on the Brown, Green, Red, Orange, Purple and... Read more »

Security upgrades don't change how we feel about CTA crime: Tattler safety poll

A CTA Tattler quick poll shows that the recent safety upgrades by the transit agency haven’t really made much difference in how safe we feel compared to three years ago. A full 55 percent of the 630-plus readers who took the poll said they feel about the same as they did three years – that... Read more »

(What If God Was) On the Bus - CTA vintage video parody

Thumbnail image for '(What If God Was) On the Bus - CTA vintage video parody'
Yesterday I came across this 1990s-vintage video parody of some talented ladies singing about waiting for the #50 Damen bus, to the tune of “(What if God Was) One of Us.) What really makes it pertinent today is that things really haven’t changed too much. I suppose you might not have to wait so long... Read more »

Damen, California CTA Blue Line riders to endure station closures this fall

Improved Western station plaza
Blue Line riders will be “California Dreamin’ ” this fall – dreaming about what the California station will look like on Oct. 16 when it reopens after six weeks of extensive rehab work starting Sept. 4. Damen riders, on the other hand, will have to do more walking on a winter’s day, as their Blue... Read more »

News pickup: CTA Red Line extension preferred routes; transit deserts

Just a week after the Tribune published a story stating that about 10 percent of Cook County residents live in a “transit desert,” the CTA announced forward movement to eliminate a piece of that desert via the proposed Red Line Extension. The CTA on Sunday said that it has narrowed down to two preliminary options... Read more »

CTA slow zone report: Progress on Brown, Blue lines

Everyone hates CTA rail slow zones. Especially the CTA. Slow zones delay trains and cause people to complain. Slow zones are near the top of the list of complaints I get, and I’m sure for the CTA too. Fighting slow zones is a never-ending battle for the CTA, especially with a rail system more than... Read more »

How to get to Lollapalooza 2014 via CTA

With more than 90,000 per day descending on Lollapaloooza 2014 this weekend, the CTA and other mass transit options are definite;y your best bet. The CTA is extending rail line service to accommodate late Lolla-goers. Blue Line Friday: longer trains will operate to downtown until 11 p.m. Between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. trains will... Read more »

Quick poll: Do you feel safe on the CTA?

The CTA today released crime stats that showed big drops in most categories of transit crime in the first half of this compared to the same period in 2013. Robberies were down 35 percent, and thefts dropped 18 percent. But do you feel safe on the CTA? Take the quick poll below and let us... Read more »

CTA's Harrison Red Line station looks spiffy after $10 million rehab

Before: The dark platform was brightened with new flooring and tile walls.
The CTA on Monday unveiled its latest station rehab at the Red Line’s Harrison stop. Though a little more modest in scale than some of its higher profile projects, it’s a big improvement from the dank, dark station of yore. The $10 million rehab, funded by tax increment financing dollars, included these elements: Safety: water... Read more »

News pickup: Orange Line robbers charged; CTA, unions unite on "Build Chicago" initiative

Two men suspected of armed robbery on an Orange Line train last week have been charged in the case after their surveillance photos were blasted across the Internet. Police charged Michael Taylor with four counts of armed robbery and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. The other alleged robber was not named, but... Read more »