CTA tries later Purple Line Express service in pilot test

Right about now, a Purple Line train is departing Linden heading south as part of a pilot test to determine demand for later service on the Purple Line Express. Starting today through July 10, a Purple express train will leave Linden at about 8 p.m. It will arrive at Clark and Lake about 50 minutes... Read more »

CTA shames discourteous riders with humorous campaign

Don't be a road block. Step off the train to let others exit.
We’ve written often about annoying behavior of CTA riders. Blocking the doors. Littering. Not giving your seat to expectant mothers. Playing loud music. Talking loudly on your phone. Putting your bag on the seat next to you. The CTA has gotten the message that we riders are very annoyed by these behaviors and has started... Read more »

CTA increases cost and scope of Brown Line bypass project

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The CTA this week released the environmental assessment for the proposed Brown Line bypass project. The cost grew to $570 million from $320 million because the CTA decided to rebuild tracks in the area and modernize signals. The project consists of a fifth track that zooms up and over the current Clark Junction. (See the... Read more »

CTA Ventra app launch delayed till fall for more testing

Taking the cautious approach, the CTA announced last week that it would do more thorough testing on its Ventra app that will serve both Metra and Pace riders, and thus delay the launch until this fall. The CTA is teaming with Smart Chicago Collaborative’s Civic User Testing Group to put the app through its paces.... Read more »

New job for me, but same ol' CTA Tattler

For the sake of transparency, I want you all to know that I’m thrilled to join the staff of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore as his chief of staff starting today. When I accepted the job, I considered whether I would continue writing CTA Tattler. And I have decided to continue to do so. The... Read more »

How proposed Red Line modernization project would impact CTA riders

At an open house last week, the CTA shared more information on how it would construct the first phase of its proposed Red Purple Modernization project. And more importantly, how it would impact CTA riders. The CTA shared details on 22 display boards. Here’s the most important stuff. Details of work Station improvements: Completely reconstruct... Read more »

CTA rolls out new monitoring system to tackle bus bunching

The CTA is stepping up its efforts to alleviate bus bunching with the introduction of a new real-time monitoring and communications systems. With the Bus Transit Management System (BTMS),  buses should be able to more quickly adapt to changing traffic and street conditions, and help avoid bus bunching that leads to long waits between buses.... Read more »

30-year transit veteran to take over as CTA president

Dorval Carter, who once served as interim CTA president before Mayor Daley tapped Richard Rodriguez, is returning to the transit agency as its new president, succeeding Forrest Claypool. Carter, who served a 10-year stint at the CTA in a variety of roles from 2000 to 2009, most recently worked as acting chief of staff for U.S.... Read more »

Surprise! CTA plans to start rebuild of north Red Line by 2017

In a surprise move, the CTA has announced it could begin the rebuild of four north Red Line stations and track by 2017. Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr stations and platforms, plus 1.3 miles of track in that vicinity, will be rebuilt. The construction would first close the east two tracks and Lawrence and... Read more »

CTA delays buying new rail cars to be sure and get seating plan right

The CTA is delaying purchase of the newest addition of rail cars by about three years in order to more thoroughly test a new seating configuration they hope will accommodate more standees than the newest 5000 Series rail cars, according to a Tribune report. A research study by two CTA employees confirmed what we all... Read more »