Access to public transit a big factor in where millennials will live

A supermajority of millennials say that access to high quality transportation is one of the top three criteria they would weight when deciding where to live.’s according to a recent survey from the Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation for America, which studied millennials and their transportation views in 10 major U.S. cities, including Chicago. This is... Read more »

CTA goes after graffiti vandals, parents using video surveillance

After spending millions to upgrade and expand its video surveillance program, the CTA is now using it to nab and prosecute graffiti vandals – and their parents. Police have made 60 arrests already this year for graffiti-related crimes on CTA properties, all aided by images from station and rail car cameras. Those 60 arrests are... Read more »

First CTA Ventra card transition deadline looms on May 1

All of you Ventra holdouts now have just over a week to load up buy your magnetic stripe cards or load value on your Chicago Cards. That’s because on May 1, you won’t be able to do so. That’s the first big Ventra transition date. On May 1: CTA customers will no longer be able... Read more »

Price of progress: 16 buildings to be razed for CTA Belmont flyover

Most of the early stories about the $320 million project to build a flyover track at the Clark Junction focused on the 16 buildings that would have to be demolished. Well folks, that’s the price of progress. Instead we should focus on eliminating a huge bottleneck that delays 40 percent of the trains that pass... Read more »

On the passing of my Mom, and a life well-lived

My Mom passed away today. She was 83. Honestly, I’ve never really much liked the euphemism “passed away.” Now I’ve changed my mind. The idiom is particularly appropriate for people in hospice care, where Mom had been for nine days. Hospice care is geared to help people – both the ill and their families –... Read more »

Four north Red Line CTA stations to be rebuilt - with elevators

The four CTA Red Line stations north of Wilson are in line for complete reconstruction – including elevators – as early as 2017, according to a Tribune report. Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr will be rebuilt along with the crumbling elevated structure and deteriorating track at a cost of about $1.13 billion. That funding... Read more »

CTA video - March in review: Your New Blue

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Here’s a CTA video recapping the news from March. If you’re a Blue Line rider. There was big news Your New Blue: four-year, $492 million Blue Line rehab project Ventra transition to be completed by July 1 Train Tracker screen improvements: The CTA is rolling out updates to how train tracker signs display information, adding customer... Read more »

Harrison Red Line station to get $10 million rehab

Work to rehab the Harrison Street station on the CTA’s Red Line will begin early Monday morning. The $10 million rehab will include structural and cosmetic repairs that will upgrade the 70-year-old station and its three entrances. The Polk Street entrance will close Monday for six weeks. During this time, crews will rehabilitate the auxiliary... Read more »

What we know now about CTA Blue Line O'Hare derailment

Lots has happened since I last reported on the O’Hare Blue Line derailment. Here’s a synopsis of what we know: The 25-year-old motorwoman, Brittany T. Haywood, has been fired. She ignored two requests to appear at a disciplinary hearing. The NTSB has said she was traveling at 26-miles-per-hour when when woke up from having nodded... Read more »

Thinking big on transit's future: Cook County funding?

Local politician and transit advocates were dreaming big last week at the launch of the Transit Future campaign. The transit advocates – the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and the Active Transportation Alliance - were joined by Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and former Santa Monica Mayor Denny Zane... Read more »