How CTA can improve Twitter engagement; follow example of other agencies

You may have read that the CTA has lots of haters on Twitter because it doesn’t really engage much with its followers. The CTA admittedly uses its Twitter channel to give riders service information such as bus reroutes or train line delays. But it really wouldn’t take much to give a little more and interact... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's budget cuts could mean CTA fare hike; let the class war begin

The CTA would face $105 million cut in state funding under Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget proposal – a 7 percent hit to its overall operating budget. The Tribune reported this response from a CTA spokesperson: “Although CTA officials said it was too early to talk specifically about service cuts or fare hikes, (Brian) Steele said... Read more »

Major crimes down 26% on CTA in 2014

The recent proliferation of more than 23,000 surveillance cameras on CTA trains and buses is just one reason why serious crime is down 26 percent, according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The new Series 5000 rail cars have seven cameras in every car, and the rest of the fleet of older cars has been retrofitted with... Read more »

CTA deals well with cold and snow, unlike Boston

When Chicago was hit with almost 20 inches of snow on Super Bowl Sunday, the CTA rail system kept moving, even the six rail lines that don’t run overnight. The CTA ran cars on those lines to clear now in preparation for the Monday morning commute on Feb. 2. Meanwhile, Boston has been hit with... Read more »

Belmont flyover foes debut website; CTA keeps pushing need for more capacity

The folks who oppose the CTA’s Belmont flyover project are turning up the pressure a bit with the recent debut of a website, plus a presence on Facebook and Twitter. The group’s basic argument is that the flyover will “waste millions in taxpayer funding and destroy Central Lakeview.” They say northbound train service is delayed... Read more »

Better glove up! NYC subway teeming with bacteria; CTA can't be any better

From the “well, duh!” file comes the New York Times story that the New York’s subway system “is filled with hundreds of species of bacteria (mostly harmless), the occasional spot of bubonic plague, and a universe of enigmas. Almost half of the DNA found on the system’s surfaces did not match any known organism and just... Read more »

Green Line CTA station opens at Cermak; Blue Line rehab gets more dough

A new station opened Sunday near McCormick Place on the Green Line, and the CTA’s Your New Blue rehab project got $120 million in federal funds on Friday. Yes, it was a busy weekend for CTA watchers. The Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line station, which has been under construction for almost two years, fills what was... Read more »

$32.5 million deal brings 4G wireless to CTA subways by year's end

By the end of the year, it will be a lot easier when you’re in the CTA subway tunnels to tweet about the latest delay or upload that Instagram photo of the guy taking up two seats. That’s when 4G wireless service will be available in the 22 miles of Red and Blue line subway... Read more »

RTA uses humorous ads to urge Chicagoans to "Ride On"

Thumbnail image for 'RTA uses humorous ads to urge Chicagoans to "Ride On"'
On the same day last week that the RTA announced the dire news that the Chicago area’s three transit agencies need more than $36 billion over the next 10 years in capital improvements, the RTA launched a multi-year marketing campaign to improve public awareness and perception of public transportation, and to attract new transit riders. The “Ride... Read more »

CTA capital needs top $22 billion over next 10 years

The Chicago areas three transit agencies need more than $36 billion over the next 10 years in new equipment and infrastructure improvements, according to a Regional Transportation Authority study. And the CTA accounts for 62 percent of these capital needs, or more than $22 billion. From the news release: According to the report, transit providers... Read more »