You Should Have Your Own TV Show / The Art of the Crotch Shot

You Should Have Your Own TV Show / The Art of the Crotch Shot

You Should Have Your Own Show!

Has anyone ever told you that you should have your own show? Are you an expert on a given subject? Can you spin a good tale? Do you have a face for camera? Superb comedic timing? Well, nowadays it seems like anyone can and does have their own show and channel. With the point, click, post ease of today's technology, smartphones and YouTube have made creating your own channel so easy. The downside, it has really lowered our expectations. Video and production value have been thrown out the window in exchange for speed, kitten videos, spoofs and crotch shots. Whoa there...don't get me wrong. I love a good whack in the crotch when I'm feeling down (as long as it's someone else's).

Before I continue on with The Chicago Destination that I had intended to share with you, which may be your ticket to producing your Emmy-award winning television show, I must pay homage and delve into the art of crotch whacking videos and the abundance of them. I didn't realize I had been affected by this phenomenon as much as I have until I began writing.

Low Brow Humor Can Still Make You Smile

I remember as a kid, my family bonding in laughter while watching the Muppet Show and Carol Burnett which only broke the ice when it came to groin comedy. Eventually my taste in crotch-tacular humor evolved when we discovered AFV and we doubled over in laughter, witnessing the groin injury of a grandfather crumpling into a fetal position from the line drive of a grandson's wiffle ball or an errant foam model airplane looping into a grown man's pelvis. So vivid I cringed at the thought of it. Who would have believed that this would lead to the fame and fortune of the Jackass crew and an entire show by Rob Drydek on the subject of wiping out on camera? Why didn't I think of that? Pretty soon there will be college courses on the Art of The Crotch Shot. It has evolved to the point where Crotch shots have been given terms such as "Credit Card" "Popsicle" "Sushi-chop" and "Yard Sale"(not necessarily a crotch injury).

If you'd like to learn more see some videos at the end of the post. Please don't try these at home(especially if you are not filming). Now it's time to get serious and learn where you canget some real television and video production chops right here in Chicago. Wayne's World watch out!

Here's your big break / The Chicago Connection...

Now that we've had our fill of crotch humor - on to the serious bit...

Hey all of you smart and creative readers! I happened upon some information while reading an article on Catalyst Chicago is an independent newsmagazine created in 1990 to document, analyze and support school-improvement efforts in the Chicago Public Schools. It is published by the Community Renewal Society (CRS), a nonprofit organization founded in 1882 that works to create racially and economically just communities. One of Catalyst's media partners happens to be CAN-TV.

What is CAN TV? Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television by providing video training, equipment, facilities, and channel time for Chicago residents and nonprofit groups. CAN TV’s five local, non-commercial channels reach one million viewers in the city of Chicago. Could this be your big break? Who knows but at least it's a step in the right direction. They are offering video production training courses for $25 - $200 and classes ae scheduled to start this April! So get moving! The course descriptions and schedules are posted here

So take some classes, write the script. Lights, camera, action. Break a leg and send me a ticket to the Emmy's when you are nominated!


The Crotch Humor Video definitions:


The Sushi Chop

The Yard Sale or "Do a Pizza!!!!"

The Popsicle

The Credit Card

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