This Almost Vegetarian Says..HELL YEAH to FAKE MEATS!

This Almost Vegetarian Says..HELL YEAH to FAKE MEATS!

I was raised on meat and potatoes...

I was raised on meat and potatoes.I was an early adopter of the phrase, "Everything is Better with Bacon." My dad used to have fresh smoked summer sausage shipped down from good ol' Wisconsin, and on Saturday afternoons we used to hack of a hunk of that salty smoked log of heavenly goodness and gnaw away like a couple of cromagnons bonding over a classic tv western or yet another unavoidable Cubs loss.

I was born and raised a carnivore, but sometimes I just get tired of chewing. The other night I was too lazy to run to the store to buy anything, so I headed to the pantry to dig up some ingredients for dinner. It was my own little episode of chopped champions. What ended up in the pot was the fixings for a damn good vegetarian chili, if I do say so myself. Diced tomatoes, onions, green peppers, leftover pico de gallo, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, kidney beans, salt pepper - simmer and serve. I was thoroughly enjoying it, as were the kids, and even thought to myself, "I could become a vegetarian." About halfway through, the carnivore in me came out and thought, "This really could use some meat."

I know. I know. I'm an utter dissappointment all of my dear vegetarian friends and readers, but WAIT...all is not lost. Thanks to my friend Brian, I have discovered the next step in my journey to what I am coining as "Vegetarian-ish-ism." And my purveyors of meat-ish products is local company WWW.FAKEMEATS.COM!!!! FakeMeats is a creative Chicago-area, web-based business, so you can have your fake meat shipped to you quick!

So put down that infant-sized, deep fried turkey leg and read on...

So what can you get at "What can't you get?" is what you should be asking! Well, meats I suppose, but you can shop for your everyday, "toss-it-in-your-brown-bag-and-go" Fake Meats, Butter Soy Curls, Meat Substitutes(no I think spam is still technically a meat), Vegetarian Jerky, and a variety of gluten free meat substitutes (I'm not quite there yet, but the goal has been set).

My favorite product (and I may be worthy printing this on a t-shirt) is...BACONNAISE - the bacon flavored mayonaise! Okay, if you haven't guessed by now. I am still a huge fan of bacon, so I have gone through the extra effort to add the direct links to some interesting if not AWESOME products, that I think are worth a try. Enjoy!

Bacon-ish products

Bacon Salt baconnaise - bacon lavored mayonnaise


A quick background on the owners of

The creative couple, owners of Chicagoland's beloved

The creative couple, owners of Chicagoland's beloved

Steven and Kim, the owners of Fake Meats, LLC.  Steven is vegetarian and Kim is vegan. As shared on the website, Steven and Kim say:

"We are always trying new foods, products, and recipes, and we love to share them with our friends - vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. started as a collection of our favorite vegetarian jerky products and the company has grown from there!  We are your one-stop shop for all of your Fake Meats, and we strive to be an authority on Fake Meat products. We are adding new products regularly to build a comprehensive product line, offering the largest selection of Fake Meats on the web. We enjoy eating Fake Meats just as much as you do.  Please let us know of any "fake meat" products you don't see on our website, and we'll do our best to work with the manufacturers and distributors to sell their products."  Read more about Steven and Kim at

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