Here's the Story, a Storytelling Potluck - April 7th

Here's the Story, a Storytelling Potluck - April 7th

Here's the Story, a Storytelling Potluck

Hey creative Chicago folk! Your very own Creative Twit is back online now that my office move is complete!

Yes, some of us hard-core Chicagoans laughed in the face of winter Storm Saturn and scheduled a move in 11 inches of snow. I must give my thanks to Mother Nature for today's sunshine and to my guys over at 2 Men and a Truck.  Those two dudes made the heavy lifting look like a walk in the park. The bygone days of bribing friends with pizza and beer to move my insanely heavy hardwood furniture are loooooonnnng gone along with our lower backs. I should have treated my 20-year old back a little better. Youngsters, my "healthy back tips" for you: Wear good shoes(avoid wearing Chuck Taylor every day), sleep on a firm mattress(a couch does not qualify) and ALWAYS lift with your LEGS!  Anyway, I'm glad the move is over and done with!

So without further ado, I've been meaning to tell you about a creative group I happened upon a while back, and the group has grown to nearly 2900!!! I found the group on Have you tried this site? Super easy to find like-minded individuals no matter what your interest. If you like to eat jelly donuts while discussing War and Peace in a Turkish Bath, chances are there is someone out there with the same idea. (Maybe you should start a meetup?). I've met all kinds of creative people in my meetups. Suburban Designers, Networking After Work, and one really active group is The Chicago Creative Social Club. CCSC on always has something going on. You can check them out at: They've got 16 upcoming meetups from Drinks & Dancing, to poetry slams, to Professional Creative Development and more. One of the upcoming meetups touches on a subject I wrote about in a previous post here on Creativity Connects Chicago - Storytelling! Here are the details from Chicago Creative Social Club event organizer Dan:


Here's the Story, a Storytelling Potluck

What: Here's the Story

Where: Stage 773 1225 W. Belmont

When: Sunday April 7th 7:30 Food 8:00 Stories

Cost: $8:00 or free with a shared dish


This will be our 2nd anniversary, we expect to sell out so think about picking up tickets early to assure yourself a seat:

I couldn't be more excited for April 7th if I tried. If I squeezed my eyes shut and imagined a million elephants or a single butterfly dancing on the wind. I'm super thrilled to be involved in this project.

How does it work?

If you've never made it out to one of our potlucks before, we will have five featured storytellers and five walk up tellers, plenty of food, and lots of fun. We focus on embodied storytelling, so the tales range the gamuts provided by both fiction and non fiction. What we look for are voices with stories that deserve an audience. People who know their stories so well they can tell them extemporaneously with their full self.

You'll see what we mean. If you've been to other storytelling events, I think you'll particularly appreciate the subtle differences in vibe the evening creates.

The crowd is super crazy friendly, and if you come I encourage you to seek me out. I'll be the kid with blue hair. Tell me you're from this meetup and I'll introduce you to other meetup people and make sure you get a good seat. Mingling is a big key to Here's the Story.

We get a strong showing from a couple of meetup groups, reddit, and couch surfing. (I also know a couple of okc kids that like to make this their first date event.)

If you have any questions, post them, I'd love to answer them.

If you're into facebook:

And if you want to do research on our past events or listen to our podcast:

We will be posting the five features later this month but -- I'll announce the one I'm sort of most looking forward too now. Sarah Scoles was introduced to me via Allison Barret who is my favorite poet. And she quickly became one of my favorite short story writers. She has since moved on to work with NASA up in Wisconsin and she'll be making a special trip down to share something new with us.

Hope to meet a lot of you!



Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure it will be a great time!

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