Graffiti Gallery - Art on a Concrete Canvas? Part 2

As promised. Here is part 2 of the Graffiti Gallery. Mr. Green our resident documenter of all things pop-art and graffiti has really outdone himself. Feast your eyes on nearly 100 photos of Chicago's glorious, full-color street-art images!!! I had a difficult time putting this gallery together because I didn't want to leave any out! Maybe one day I can convince Pete to put these together in book form. Does anyone still do that?...books I mean?

These images, from the photo library of Chicago's one and only Peter Green, are a little bit more in the public eye than yesterday's posted gallery images. Some of these images may even be familiar to you - especially if you are a daily El or CTA subway commuter or pay attention as you traverse our bustling expressways.

What impresses me most about these images (e.g. the full-color "Wild Style" murals) is the complexity of design, use of color, space and so on. And, how did they manage to finish this without being caught?! I think Mayor Emanuel should consider recruiting or commissioning  some of this hidden talent to beautify some of the neighborhoods that could use a little bit of creative and artistic inoculation. Would this help reduce the vandalism and create another WPA movement?

Color theory, use of space, proportion eye-movement are all terms used in fine art, but are also appropriate for many of these pieces as well. Well, enough of my artistic twittering...I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and keep an eye out for "Big Ang" - a photo I took and sent to Mr. Green - I knew he would appreciate it and I hope you do as well.

The Art of Chicago's Streets - Part 2


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