Where In The World is Blackhawks Kim Johnsson?!?!

No, the headline doesn't sound as quirky as "Where in the world is Carmen SanDeigo?", but it poses a great question.

Where the heak is he???
If you don't remember who is he, he's a Swedish defenseman who we traded Cam Barker for in early February.
He played for about a week, maybe two and even scored a goal.  He then disappeared slowly after the Blackhawks announced he had a concussion and that he was on the DL.
We never heard from him or about him ever again.
I pictured that dude who used to host Unsolved Mysteries, wearing a trench coat and walking around the United Center with this picture of Kim Johnsson saying, "Have you seen this guy? He disappeared in February 2010. Please notify the Chicago Blackhawks if you have any information."
But before we call that dude from Unsolved Mysteries, (by the way, why isn't it on anymore???!! Amazing show!) we should look at the evidence.
There have been RUMORS that Johnsson was a Drama King and asked that the Blackhawks to fly in his family from Sweden for games.
So was he released quietly from the Blackhawks organization because he was demanding? Or did he quit? Or he is still injured with a "concussion".
I find it strange that the Blackhawks (unless I missed it) NEVER made a statement about him or his injury.  Usually coaches give updates on their injured players.
Also, it was very weird that his name was not on the Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Champions Roster.  Kyle Beach was on it!! Did he ever see ice time during the season, let alone the playoffs? I don't think he even played in Rockford. 
Where there's smoke, there's fire and something a little weird is going on.  So if any of you out there have seen him or know what's going on, please let me know!
In the mean time, I've started Johnsson Watch 2010.

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  • I'd love to hear more about those rumors, I never heard any of that. But yeah, his disappearance is still a pretty awesome mystery to all of us. I'm still bitter that the only move we made at the trade deadline was a waste, but obviously we made do without him.

    I can tell you this though, I downloaded the game video of his last game (in March against Flyers) and read the play-by-play transcript and the only hit listed against him is visible on camera and it definitely was nothing that rattled his head. It was a shove in 2nd period, only contact was lower body against the boards. So, if they're claiming that was his concussion hit.... not a chance. He also skated shifts after that, and in the 3rd period.

    So give us more dirt on the non-concussion angle. Did he screw someone's wife or something? His name is bound to come up over the summer if he's still alive, he'll have to find a new team because the Hawks are done with him.

  • In reply to reggiedunlop:

    Actually, you are completely right. I know someone who got word that Kim was sleeping with someone's wife. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find out who. And after that game that your talking about, the entire team said that they didn't want to share a lockerroom with the guy.

  • In reply to jonr22:

    seriously? I've never heard this. And the not wanting to share locker room, never heard that either, where did that come out? I can't believe he actually hooked up with someone's wife, that would speak pretty poorly to whoever that bitch is, and her guy wouldn't be popular in the dressing room anyway. It's gotta be something else. Maybe he said something about someone's wife or one of the guys or something.

  • In reply to jonr22:

    THe important question here is... WHO'S WIFE WAS IT??!!!!

    Hawks are a young team... only married dudes are Sopel, Madden, Niemi, Hossa, and Brouwer and Fraiser were newly weds!!!

    THanks for updating!! That's why I put this blog out there, because it is a mystery!

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    kopecky's married, coaches are married...

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    You're right!!! I forgot about Kopecky and I couldn't imagine someone being so stupid as to fool around with a coaches wife.

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    Minneapolis paper reports that Johnsson is not going to play this season.... but they don't necessarily confirm he's not actually dead. This smells of Weekend at Bernies to me.

    Kim Johnsson's agent: "He's still suffering symptoms of a concussion, and for the moment, he doesn't have any immediate plans to play."

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    I find it funny that the Minnesota Wild put out a statement about him but the Hawks have not...

    Also, it's weird that he still has "concussion symptoms" blah blah

    and still it's strange that he wasn't on the Hawks Stanley Cup roster.

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    I heard the same rumor this morning. And it was Troy Brouwer's wife.

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    okay, well she is pretty hot so good for him. But I call total bullshit on that - we've all seen Brouwer and his wife, they're adorable like kids, there's now way she goes and bangs the new Swede on the team. It's gotta be something besides the wife-screw concept. The only thing I would buy into is if Johnsson made unwanted sexual advances towards one of the wives, but not that she actually went for it.

  • In reply to CourtneyKing:

    There is NO WAY it was Troy Brouwer's wife!!! I just don't believe it. They just got married and they were on the Newly Weds thing on Blackhawks TV.

    Reggie I'm with you on this one.

  • fb_avatar

    just like Palmero, i think he was sleeping with Ryne Sandbergs wife.

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