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London Life Updates: Brexit, Barbecues, and Rugby 7's Bacchanalia

It’s been a hella long time since I’ve blogged some updates, and I swear I have a good excuse.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been contracted to write a Religious and Moral Education curriculum ::Pause for you to compose yourself after laughing uncontrollably:: for a school in Sierra Leone.  The school hires teachers... Read more »

Archery, Imperial Wars, and Pub Tours: London Life

I dunno about you, but being able to shoot a bow and arrow seems like the most bad ass skill you can have.  You might be saying, “Yeah, yeah, whatever”, but consider this:  Cartoon Robin Hood?  Bad ass.  Real Robin Hood?  Didn’t actually exist but still bad ass.  Hawkeye?  Bad ass (but that’s mostly because... Read more »

Locker Room Harpies and Hitchcock

Locker Room Harpies I’ve always envied people who were able to go to the gym before work.  While teaching, I usually got to work between 7:15 and 7:30;  if I wanted to work out beforehand (which I never did), I would have to get up around 4:50.  Back when I was 22 and spritely, Chelsea... Read more »

Short Stories from London

Today’s marks one week of me being in London!  I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and it looks like I’m going to be skinny AF not having a car.  I’m averaging 20K steps a day with all the walking I’m doing.  Most of that walking, however, has come from me getting myself lost.  If there’s... Read more »

London Calling

Recent Life Timeline Courtney circa 2006 (Flared jeans, almost white-blonde hair, and teaching first grade):  Oh man, I don’t think I could marry a guy in the military because I wouldn’t want to move every two years! ↓ ::Maries an Air Force captain.  Moves to Spain:: ↓ Courtney in 2013 (Skinny jeans and a Secretary):... Read more »

I Tried Bullfighting in Spain and All I Got Was This Giant Butt Bruise

I Tried Bullfighting in Spain and All I Got Was This Giant Butt Bruise
(Originally published November 2012.  Resurrecting a favorite post for the “This Blogger’s Life theme:  Write about an act of courage you…participated in.”) There are moments in life when you learn what kind of person you are.  Are you the kind of person who believes in miracles, believes in signs?  Okay, maybe I won’t be swinging away... Read more »

15 Things More Likely to Happen Before Buying a House in Chicago

Before moving here from DC, El and I had been saving to buy a place there.  For anyone who’s ever lived in our nation’s capital, you know that the housing market is CRAZY expensive, and that you’ll be likely to spend over half a mil for a 1,200 sq ft place that’s 40 miles away... Read more »

World Cup Players and Their Game of Thrones Twins

By now, the world is in the tight grip of World Cup fever, and I’m no exception.  I’ve got the official app, my American flag tank, and the swagger that only an American who knows next to nothing about soccer has.  Now my World Cup fever may only last a few weeks, but my Game... Read more »

S**t Kids Say: Top 15 Kid Quotations From Inside the Classroom

I’ve seen a helluva lot of things as a DC public charter school teacher for the past eight years.  I have amazing memories of kids who worked hard, made me laugh, and were the biggest reason why I love my job.  I also unfortunately have memories of dealing with bureaucracy, the effects of poverty and... Read more »

Rainbow Warrior: Court's First Pride Parade

So it’s 8:00pm on a Sunday and my ass just woke up.  ”Wake up” may be a bit sympathetic to my current situation.  In reality,  not only did I just wake up, but I’m covered in glitter and beads.  From this description, I should be dead or in jail.  Yet here I stand (okay, I’m... Read more »