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271 things to love about London

On New Year’s Day 2012, when we were living in Spain, I made a resolution to record 365 things I appreciated/were unique about Spain.  This was partly done to shift my focus from what I was missing back home to what I was missing out on by being a Debbie Downer; I also did it... Read more »

The King (& Queen) in the North!: Canada Bound

The King (& Queen) in the North!: Canada Bound
Okay, I know that people have been threatening to move to Canada for years now, and that it’s definitely gained momentum in the wake of a Donald Trump presidency (it feels weird typing that, like a “nose wrinkles as a natural reflex” kind of weird…but I digress), but this time I really mean it: We’re moving... Read more »

Summertime in London: Stars 'n Stripes, Cereal Killers, and a Very Royal Birthday

Yep, you read that right: this ain’t your typical “Courtney went somewhere and took a gazillion notes on the food she ate” type of post, just a good ol’ fashioned update on our London shenanigans.  Believe it or not, we haven’t gone anywhere since the end of May and don’t have plans to go anywhere... Read more »

I Will Not Be Cowed by Terrorism: Thoughts from an American Expat in London

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I did what we do on most Saturdays: took a bus to one of our favorite London spots, Borough Market. We dodged tourists as we walked through the crowded 1,000 year old market, listened to the shouts of the strawberry and cherry peddlers being drowned out by the never-ending bell cacophony... Read more »

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to London

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to London
You guys… Last Friday marked my one-year anniversary of living in London.  Cue the trumpets! via GIPHY Ignoring the fact that I was in the US for the occasion (womp womp), it’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Jolly Ol’ England for a solid year.  It’s been a hell of a year, with tons... Read more »

Two Days of Tudor History Around London

In case you haven’t noticed from my flurry of blog activity in December, Elliot and I aren’t exactly the best at “spreading out our weekend trips”.  Because of the awesome flight deals and friends in Europe, we were out of London for the majority of September and November.  It’s super fun, and I’m by no... Read more »

I've felt like a freaking celebrity being an American Expat this Election Season

I've felt like a freaking celebrity being an American Expat this Election Season
Now that the US election season is (Jesus, finally) coming to a close, and we can no longer “stalkingly read the Facebook political arguments that people we haven’t talked to in years are having with their friends who you don’t know” (Oh, that’s just me?), I am starting to think of the future.  And the... Read more »

A Wee Outlander Trip to Inverness & The Scottish Highlands

So I’ve written before about travelling to Scotland, and I’ve certainly waxed lyrical about the ::ahem:: “great personality” of a certain young Jamie from Outlander, but I had yet to combine the two with a trip to the Highlands.  Until my friend Erin had an idea. Erin and I have been friends since freshman year of... Read more »

I tried an Aerial Silks class and somehow managed to not completely embarrass myself

I’ve been described a number of ways over the years: charming, clever, beautiful, humble…Just kidding!  Actually, more like “spontaneously hangry”… “annoyingly amused by her own jokes” (I’m laughing right now)…”unusually talented at quoting 90’s rap lyrics”…  The word “graceful” and I have never before been used in the same sentence, except in something like, “Courtney... Read more »

London Updates: Camden Market, Columbia Road, and Freak(shake)'ing Out

We learned pretty quickly that summer in London is not quite like summer in Chicago.  Sure, there are still a million fun things to do because the weather is nice…r, but we’re not exactly getting any tan lines on this side of the pond.  With the exception of a few perfect “high 70’s and sunny... Read more »
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