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Shake your Beaver Tail on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Shake your Beaver Tail on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa
It might be a case of FOMO, but no matter in which country we live, El and I try to keep a tourist mentality.  Why live in a cool new place if you’re just going to do the same things you could easily do back home? Since we’ve been in Toronto, some of our Canadian... Read more »

From vieux to nouveau, Montréal is the perfect blend of food and culture

Canada’s been great so far, but coming from London I do miss being constantly surrounded by history. That’s not to say that Toronto doesn’t have interesting history; it’s just a little more recent and takes some seeking out.  But I do miss the history of Europe, so when El booked a Christmas gift trip to Montréal,... Read more »

Monuments, museums, & microbreweries: The best of Sofia & Belgrade

Miss our adventures in Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia (Parts 1 and 2), or Kosovo? Click on the links to catch up on our 16-day, 9 country Balkan road trip! El and I are craft beer fans, and we try to seek out micro-breweries in every place we visit.  When we were living in Spain between 2011-2013, the... Read more »

Conquering History in Macedonia, Alexander the Great style

Conquering History in Macedonia, Alexander the Great style
Miss Parts 1 (Croatia), 2 (Montenegro), 3 (Albania), or 4 (Macedonia) of our 16-day Balkans road trip? Click on the links to catch up on Court’s Excellent Balkan Adventures! As an Ancient Civilizations major, you’re expected to remember hundreds of dates, but only one is drilled into you again and again:  323 BC.  That’s the year... Read more »

The Countess of Montenegro

Miss the Croatian leg of our 16-day Balkan road trip?  Click here to catch up! “Oh, you HAVE to go to Montenegro!” isn’t exactly a phrase you hear from your friends who’ve just returned from a European vacay.  If they’ve been at all, it’s usually as a quick stopover on a Mediterranean cruise; no one... Read more »

Islands, Waterfalls, & Game of Thrones: Four days in Croatia

Islands, Waterfalls, & Game of Thrones: Four days in Croatia
A few months ago, before we learned we were moving from London to Toronto, we decided to put together a road trip to visit the Balkans.  With each “Well, we haven’t been to ____ yet…”, two more were generated, to the point where our road trip itinerary included nine countries.  Rather than pare down our... Read more »

271 things to love about London

On New Year’s Day 2012, when we were living in Spain, I made a resolution to record 365 things I appreciated/were unique about Spain.  This was partly done to shift my focus from what I was missing back home to what I was missing out on by being a Debbie Downer; I also did it... Read more »

10 True Crime Books Every Murderino Should Read

<strong><a href="">The Killer of Little Shepherds: The Case of the French Ripper and the Birth of Forensic Science by Douglas Starr</a></strong><br><br>I'm a big fan of "the birth of" type books, and The Killer of Little Shepherds doesn't disappoint.  It dissects (pun completely intended) how 19th century French criminologists used blood spatter evidence (hence "the birth of forensic science") to catch serial killer, Joseph Vacher.  A particularly awful breed of asshole, Vacher is suspected of killing between 11 and 27 young farmhands and was nicknamed "France's Jack the Ripper".  Come for the science, stay for the white rabbit fur hat.
If you clicked on this post, you’re probably a self-identified Murderino and fascinated with true crime.  And if you’re like me, you were finally able to crawl out of the “I really like reading about/watching true crime stories, but I don’t tell anyone because I don’t want people to think that it’s because I want... Read more »

Walk like a Roman on Hadrian's Wall and Courtney sacks York

I wish, WISH the word ‘Roman’ had at least one more syllable to be more of a play on words of “Walk like an Egyptian”, mostly so I could include that Aquanetted doozy of a music video in this post.  Oh, what the hell; here it is anyway: Okay, now that that’s out of my system, I... Read more »

Summertime in London: Stars 'n Stripes, Cereal Killers, and a Very Royal Birthday

Yep, you read that right: this ain’t your typical “Courtney went somewhere and took a gazillion notes on the food she ate” type of post, just a good ol’ fashioned update on our London shenanigans.  Believe it or not, we haven’t gone anywhere since the end of May and don’t have plans to go anywhere... Read more »
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