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Why the Viral "If Evil Has a Gun..." Facebook Post is So F**ked Up

Like so many others, I am heartbroken and horrified by the massacre at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  I have enough emotions and thoughts inside me that I could probably write 1,000 blog posts on the topic.  But I doubt that I could say anything more eloquently or thoughtfully than Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Fallon, The Onion, the... Read more »

London Livin' Updates: Stonehenge and Talking Hamburgers

Now that I’m working, things have been pretty busy the past few weeks, so my apologies for the lack of blog updates.  There isn’t too much to report on my side of the pond.  I’m really liking my job and my coworkers, and the past three weeks have been a good introduction to most of... Read more »

Commercial Actors That Really Chap My Ass

Commercial Actors That Really Chap My Ass
I’m a teacher on summer vacation which means several obvious things: 1) I will put a voodoo curse (more likely I’ll throw a Donald Duck style tantrum) on anyone who texts or calls me before 9am. 2) If I pass a child on the street, I cover my ears and go to my happy place.... Read more »

15 Things More Likely to Happen Before Buying a House in Chicago

Before moving here from DC, El and I had been saving to buy a place there.  For anyone who’s ever lived in our nation’s capital, you know that the housing market is CRAZY expensive, and that you’ll be likely to spend over half a mil for a 1,200 sq ft place that’s 40 miles away... Read more »