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Because we Cairns, Cairns, Cairns!

Because we Cairns, Cairns, Cairns!
Over the years Elliot and I have had some seriously good luck when it comes to weather when traveling.  Places notorious for rain (Stavanger, the Scottish Highlands, etc.) have been sunny for us, and we’ve never had weather stop us from doing what we’ve wanted to do on vacay.  Well, our luck was eventually going... Read more »

West Coast, Best Coast: Adventures in Vancouver

West Coast, Best Coast: Adventures in Vancouver
I’ve wanted to visit Vancouver ever since the 2010 Winter Olympics.  NBC’s sweeping shots of the city, surrounded by water and snow-capped mountains, made Vancouver look like it was something out of a travel Instagram account.  Of course, Instagram didn’t exist back then so you knew that shit was all #nofilter.  As with our Montreal trip,... Read more »

From vieux to nouveau, Montréal is the perfect blend of food and culture

Canada’s been great so far, but coming from London I do miss being constantly surrounded by history. That’s not to say that Toronto doesn’t have interesting history; it’s just a little more recent and takes some seeking out.  But I do miss the history of Europe, so when El booked a Christmas gift trip to Montréal,... Read more »

The Countess of Montenegro

Miss the Croatian leg of our 16-day Balkan road trip?  Click here to catch up! “Oh, you HAVE to go to Montenegro!” isn’t exactly a phrase you hear from your friends who’ve just returned from a European vacay.  If they’ve been at all, it’s usually as a quick stopover on a Mediterranean cruise; no one... Read more »

That's Amore: Falling in Love with Cinque Terre and Florence

What is it about Italy that speaks to so many people?  Talk to almost anyone about Italy, and they get this romantic twinkle in their eyes.  There’s so much of the country to explore, so when flights to Pisa were dirt cheap, we decided to visit nearby Cinque Terre and Florence for the first long weekend... Read more »
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