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From vieux to nouveau, Montréal is the perfect blend of food and culture

Canada’s been great so far, but coming from London I do miss being constantly surrounded by history. That’s not to say that Toronto doesn’t have interesting history; it’s just a little more recent and takes some seeking out.  But I do miss the history of Europe, so when El booked a Christmas gift trip to Montréal,... Read more »

Monuments, museums, & microbreweries: The best of Sofia & Belgrade

Miss our adventures in Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia (Parts 1 and 2), or Kosovo? Click on the links to catch up on our 16-day, 9 country Balkan road trip! El and I are craft beer fans, and we try to seek out micro-breweries in every place we visit.  When we were living in Spain between 2011-2013, the... Read more »

I want to take you down to Kosovo

I want to take you down to Kosovo
Miss the adventures in Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, or Macedonia (Part 1 and 2)??? Catch up at the links! Before I even get into our night in Kosovo, I’ve gotta give a shout-out to the Germans, who must travel all over the ends of the Earth.  We heard German spoken in every town and country we... Read more »

Conquering History in Macedonia, Alexander the Great style

Conquering History in Macedonia, Alexander the Great style
Miss Parts 1 (Croatia), 2 (Montenegro), 3 (Albania), or 4 (Macedonia) of our 16-day Balkans road trip? Click on the links to catch up on Court’s Excellent Balkan Adventures! As an Ancient Civilizations major, you’re expected to remember hundreds of dates, but only one is drilled into you again and again:  323 BC.  That’s the year... Read more »

Stay out of the forest: Scary as hell adventures in Macedonia

It’s been a few months since the hubs and I galavanted across the Balkans in a rental car (I’m clearly the worst with blogging about it.  Shame on me), but the memories of our time in Macedonia are as strong as ever.  For instance, last night I dreamt that I was clinging to a mountain... Read more »
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