What Does Your Favorite Greek God/Goddess Say About You?

Who's your favorite Greek god or goddess?  I guarantee that even if you haven't thought about the Olympians for years, you still had an answer readily available.  I'm guessing that you like that god/goddess best because you relate to him/her, or you admire some quality that that particular god/goddess possesses.  Perhaps you liked a myth that featured that particular deity.  Whatever your reasons may be, I know you've got a favorite.  I'm a Nike girl myself; there's something about the winged goddess of victory that appeals to me, and it has nothing to do with just doing it.  After spending four years earning a productive degree in stories (aka Ancient Civilizations), and five years teaching Latin, I've amassed quite the arsenal of Greek deities knowledge.  Maybe not "Liam Neeson's beard" level of impressiveness, but enough to create a pretty clear picture of what kinds of folk like particular gods or goddesses.  I've developed this sophisticated and scientific (not at all sophisticated or scientific) guide to share my findings with the world.  By world, I'm referring to my mom and anyone who accidentally stumbled upon this page. So what does your favorite Helles Angel say about you?

I know that I left a few deities off the list, so all you Hera fans can put down your pitchforks and torches now.  Have a god or goddess you'd like me to add?  Let me know in the comments!


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