Commercial Actors That Really Chap My Ass

I'm a teacher on summer vacation which means several obvious things:

1) I will put a voodoo curse (more likely I'll throw a Donald Duck style tantrum) on anyone who texts or calls me before 9am.

2) If I pass a child on the street, I cover my ears and go to my happy place.

3) All of my non-teacher friends hate me for two months

4) My teacher friends and I suffer separation anxiety and continuously text each other about our daily routines ("You poop today?" is more common than you'd think)

5) I watch a crap load (no pun in reference to #4) more TV than I do during the school year

As a result of number 5, I'm exposed to an endless barrage of commercials.  Some I laugh at every time.  Most I usually ignore.  But every now and then comes a commercial that irritates the hell out of me, and there's usually no justifiable reason as to WHY.  Elliot has gotten used to my frustrated comments every time the Trivago guy pops on our tube (which is ALL THE TIME because Trivago apparently has a deal with Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU), and he knows better than to ask the logical question, "Why does that guy grate on your nerves so much?"  The Trivago guy is just one of several commercial actors who bugs me.  See the gallery below for the rest that have me reaching for the remote.


What do you think?  Who are the commercial actors that chap YOUR ass?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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