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Learn Where the Phrase "Got laid" Originated: My Picks for Books on Chicago's History

Learn Where the Phrase "Got laid" Originated: My Picks for Books on Chicago's History
“Know thyself and know thy city!” has been my mantra since moving back to the Midwest two months ago.  I’ve done the typical touristy things like playing mini-golf at Navy Pier as well as the atypical such as eating a hot dog mascot at the Chicago History Museum Hot Dog Festival.  Check the judgement at... Read more »

Commercial Actors That Really Chap My Ass

Commercial Actors That Really Chap My Ass
I’m a teacher on summer vacation which means several obvious things: 1) I will put a voodoo curse (more likely I’ll throw a Donald Duck style tantrum) on anyone who texts or calls me before 9am. 2) If I pass a child on the street, I cover my ears and go to my happy place.... Read more »

A Different Kind of Windy City Bucket List

Gotta be honest with you, I hate the phrase “bucket list”.  There’s just this sense of finality to it that negates an admirable attempt to genuinely enjoy your surroundings.  That, and it conjures up images of Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows.  ::Shudder::  So why include a phrase I dislike in my headline?  Well, “Checklist” sounded a little... Read more »
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    On the surface, I may appear as any other 30-year old Gisele Bündchen look-a-like (okay, okay, maybe not Gisele.... Kate Upton), but if you look a little closer you'll see that I'm like Batman dressed in an Indiana Jones fedora: I have an adventurous life that is filled with travel, brunches, insane stories from teaching and coaching in the city, and a luck of the Irish that rivals that of the Lucky Charms leprechaun. Want to win a radio contest? Rub up on me. Umm, I meant figuratively.

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