Girls Recap: Dead Inside

Girls Recap: Dead Inside

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Girls Season 3 Ep. 4 – “Dead Inside.”

“Fancy people want to work with me.” – Marnie

In case you’ve ever wondered how the girls of Girls would react to a sudden death “Dead Inside” is here to answer that question. Spoiler alert, they do not handle it well.

When Hannah’s editor is found floating the Hudson everyone becomes very concerned that Hannah isn’t having a very human reaction. In fact her reaction is mostly wondering about what this turn of events means for the future of her book. Perhaps I would have been on board with everyone’s line of thinking if that wasn’t my own immediate thought. Does that mean I’m dead inside too? Lets, not think too much about that. Instead, let focus on how messed up Hannah is.

The most troubling part of her reaction isn’t that she “feels nothing,” but that she takes every opportunity to tell everyone she runs into that she’s lost “a close friend” only to immediately admit that it hasn’t effected her at all. If it simply just didn’t effect her I feel like it’d be acceptable, but the fact she actively looks for sympathy and a way to make the tragedy about her in some way speaks to her damage much more than an honest concern for her own future.

But Hannah still had further to sink this episode.  In an attempt to worm out some emotion from Hannah, Caroline made up a story about Adam nursing their dying cousin, Margaret. Then, in an attempt to prove to Adam that she does have depth, Hannah recycled the fake story as her own. Its troubling because not only is she taking a moment of genuine connection and marring it by basing it on a lie, but her motivation for the lie is because she fears if she doesn’t display the same kind of deep emotion Adam has, he’ll lose interest in her.

Anyone whose ever read a “Cosmo” can tell you that lying about your personality is not the soundest foundation for a relationship. When you add that on top of an already shaky base of co-dependency and mental instability I’d bet good money there’s another breakup coming this season.

Jessa also dealt with death this week. Thanks to Hannah’s loss Jessa was thinking about her own lost friend, Season. Upon Shoshanna’s suggestion, (which is kind of like Sophie’s Choice, but less intense) Jessa attempts to actually grieve her lost “favorite friend” by visiting her grave only to learn she isn’t in fact dead. Yes, a girl faked her own death, complete with funeral invitations, just to get Jessa’s toxic influence out of her life.  Perhaps this will be the last push to convenience Jessa she needs to reevaluate her life.

In other news, Marnie quit her job and Shoshana was the funniest part of the episode, as usual.


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