Revenge Recap - "Identity"

Revenge Recap - "Identity"

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 2, Ep. 19 – “Identity”.

Before I begin this recap I would like to take a moment and congratulate the writers of Revenge on going an entire month without mentioning The Initiative. Granted, they weren’t airing new episodes for a large majority of that time, but still. Baby steps.

What did get mentioned was everything that makes this show great. Namely, there was a touch of heart just bordering on sap and whole bunch of cold blooded calculation.

The heart came from a highly unsuspecting place: Victoria Grayson. Given the woman she’s become it’s easy to forget that she started on her journey very much an innocent. This week, the previously implied cruel abandoning of her first child was revealed to be the difficult decision of a young girl. Young Victoria attempted to raise her son, Patrick, but when she was offered a scholarship to study art in Europe she chose to follow her own dreams at give Patrick a chance at his own. It’s so strange to see Victoria young and sweet (and looking so much like Charlotte), but it’s even stranger when that sweet girl reappears and requests Nolan to find the son she gave away.  Victoria may be an ice queen now, but it comes from years of abuse and tragic circumstances and it’s refreshing every time we’re reminded of that.

Conrad might feel differently.

The news of Victoria’s long lost son was broadcast to the entire world thanks to some expert counter hacking on the part of Nolan and sheer stupidity on the part of Conrad. Seriously, has he never been around his family before? Why does live television and the Graysons sound like a good match? Whatever the reason, he wasn’t the only Grayson using the interview to ambush their lady. Daniel enlisted the help of Juju Chang to gage if Emily was interested in marriage again. Daniel is really lucky that Emily is only after destroying his family, because any normal girl would not put up with behavior like this.

Even after Emily’s expert avoidance of Juju’s question, Daniel wasn’t letting it go. He gave Emily his grandmother’s ring, leaving the ball squarely in her court. Emily was torn between her feelings for Aiden and her desire for revenge. Aiden, for his part, gave Emily permission to marry Daniel if it meant that once everything was over they could be together. Aiden had already admitted to Takeda that killing the man that killed his sister had brought him no peace, but his new plan is to help Emily reach her own revenge goal and then be there for her when the vengeance doesn’t relieve her pain. Cue the awwws…

Meanwhile, Nolan was fresh out of jail and all about bringing down the Fa1c0n. Emily twisted facts a little to convince Nolan that the super hacker was responsible for Padma’s death, so Nolan took on his own mini revenge plot. They used Victoria to trigger Fa1c0n into action and then Nolan kicked her ass in street fighter (oh yeah, surprise it’s a girl! But she’s Asian so we don’t have to rethink all out long held stereotypes) in order to pass her a flash drive that would sneakily allow Nolan access to her computer. It all seemed too easy and something any halfway decent hacker could have seen through, but logic be damned! Nolan has a face to cross out! They grow up so quickly don’t they?

Oh and Charlotte thinks the best way to get into Harvard is by skipping class and making out with randoms and Ashley thinks babies drink hot chocolate. Oh, Hamptonites!

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