Nashville Recap - When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts

Nashville Recap - When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts


Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Nashville Season 1, Ep. 15 – “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts”.

Because it had been a month since we last checked in on the happenings in Nashville, I was expecting that at least some amount of time had passed there as well. But I was wrong. We rejoined the drama exactly where we had left off; the morning after Scarlett and Gunners grief fueled hook-up.

I’m beginning to think that Scarlett is the issue in her relationships; perhaps something about her turns every man she sleeps with into a self-centered louse. Because the sun had barely risen and Gunnar was snapping that their night didn’t mean anything and admonishing Scarlett for suggesting they reschedule their showcase with Rayna. Of course, then he skipped the showcase in order to get drunk and plan his own investigation of his brother’s murder without calling to inform Scarlett of the change of plans. Scarlett has always been capable of commanding that stage all by herself and this was the chance for her to realize that. Rayna sure did because her solo rendition of “A Place to Shine” scored her a record signing… a solo record signing.

Look, I know that Gunnar was upset seeing as his brother had been killed less than 24 hours ago, but this isn’t the first time he’s lashed out at Scarlett. Clearly she’s into the wounded bordering on emotionally abusive thing or she wouldn’t have put up with Avery for so long, but girl needs to get a new pattern. I see this new development going one of two ways. A.) Avery (who gained some sense at the exact same moment Gunnar was losing his) shapes up and starts treating Scarlett right, leading to her including him as a guitarist on her record while Gunnar watches jealously from the sidelines (i.e. exactly the same thing that happened in the first half of the season, but with the roles reversed) or, B.) Gunnar becomes her nameless guitar player, following around in her shadow while she becomes a superstar (i.e. Rayna and Deacon 2.0). Clearly I’ve got my fingers crossed for scenario B because I, like any right minded American, believe that TV needs more sexually charged elevator rides.

And Rayna isn’t getting any elevator action. Her divorce with Teddy is progressing and they have amicably decided to share custody not only of their daughters, but their house. I would have preferred a Gilligan’s Island approach with a tape line down the middle of their mansion, but I suppose switching off weeks it a more realistic solution. Maddie wasn’t reacting to the divorce well and is blaming her mother (I thought when we left she was mad at her dad after she overheard him on the phone with Peggy. Did I miss something?). Regardless of who’s receiving her adolescent wrath, the bottom line is she’s unhappy with the situation and lashing out the way teenage girls often do; lying to her parents and sneaking off to a concert.

Just to add some salt to the wound, the concert in question is Juliette’s. What was planned as a small, intimate concert for 50 members of a Juliette Barnes’ fan club turned into an overstuffed riot thanks to a tweet from Juliette. The ensuing melee resulted in 6 young girls being injured, including Maddie. Deacon jumped from the stage to pull Maddie out from under a bookcase (why was there a bookcase in the middle of a concert venue?), and rushing her to the hospital because, as he tells Rayna, “she’s like family”. I really enjoy all the fun the writers are having with the secret of Maddie’s parentage, but eventually the truth is going to come out and I have to imagine it will be pretty devastating for everyone involved. So, enjoy the laughs while you can get them.

Because Juliette’s character growth never seems to last from one episode to another, she was all about shirking responsibility for her fan’s injuries. Also, she’s forgotten the revelation she had (according to the timeline of the show) yesterday and is back to being an unwilling party in her mother’s recovery. But, an amazingly frank phone call from Rayna pointing out her inability to accept how her actions effect others and a little eavesdropping on her mom’s session with Dante and Juliette remembered the epiphany she’s had every episode since the pilot. She apologized to her mom, made the commitment to pay the hospital bills for the injured fans, and invited her mother and Dante to come on tour with her. It was touching, but since this maturity likely won’t last, I think it will be disastrous.

Other Random Musings:

Deacon was enjoying his birthday present about as much as he told Juliette he would and figured that there was something wrong with the dong since he ran away from a beautiful rendition of “Love Like Mine” (I’d have to agree). So he went to the vet and it actually solved everything. Not with the dog, obviously, because there was nothing wrong with the dog, but with Deacon. He flirted his way into the hot doc’s pants and, with a little cajoling from Colman, realized that the only way to quit his addiction to Rayna was to actually give up on the idea they’ll be together and attempt a real relationship with someone else. Because, as any pseudo-slut high school girl will tell you, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

Coleman accepted Teddy’s offer to be deputy mayor and their first order of business was to piss off Lamar as much as possible. Mission accomplished (Note to ABC, yes we get it, Subway is yummy, you can stop putting it in back-to-back shows, thanks).

Next Week: Deacon takes his new girlfriend on tour with his two exes, because that sounds like fun for everybody. Actually, it just sounds like fun for us.

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