Nashville Recap - I've Been Down That Road Before

Nashville Recap - I've Been Down That Road Before

This was the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Not only we were treated to one of the hottest elevator rides since Grey’s Anatomy was actually good, but Avery got his ass kicked! It was happy day in Nashville indeed. Of course some other stuff happened to lead into those things, so let’s talk about that.

The Red Lips and White Lies tour landed in the Windy City. We know this thanks to all the generic B-roll of city streets and large flashing signs that say Chicago (as a Chicago resident, I have to say, they could have tried a little harder). But Chicago is important because it officially launched Deacon as Juliette’s guitarist. It seems Deacon took the job without ever listening to or seeing Juliette perform because he’s suddenly very put off on the (fairly standard) amount of personnel she has working for her. And so, in his charmingly grumpy way, he plants the seed; does she really want to rely on smoke machines and glitter forever?

It turns out, she does not (this is surprising as I constantly feel like my life needs more smoke machines and glitter). But when she broaches the idea of some scaled back songs for her new CD her manager practically has a coronary and all but forbids it. And so Juliette did what was told and doused herself in more glitter. Just kidding! Juliette took to the Chicago stage in nothing but jeans and a white button down to perform her latest off brand song. And guess what, it was a hit! Well besides one overly bitchy Tribune critic, but everyone knows they’re a bunch of hacks anyway (Definitely just kidding! Love you, Trib J).

Rayna, on the other hand, has left her “who am I dilemmas?” in the past and is now in the midst of the, arguably tougher “who do I love?” dilemma. Of course that dilemma becomes easier when one of your options is macking on you hard in an elevator and the other is asking for a divorce. We’ve been given little explanation for why it’s so hard for Rayna to let go of Deacon, but after that kiss I think we all get it. And as much as I was Team Teddy for a minute, Peggy is clearly better for him and it really isn’t fair for him to stay in a marriage with a woman who’s in love with someone else. So there you go, win/win. What’s that previews? Liam is back and also laying the mack on Rayna? The plot thickens.

Actually in Nashville, Scarlett was having trouble paying her rent because sleazy Avery owes her a bunch of money. It was then surreptitiously revealed that Gunnar has a bunch of douchey roommates.  However will out little love, I mean song birds solve their living situations? By living together of course, in a totally platonic, just friends who are secretly in love way.  Well when Avery, who took a break from being a sleaze for about .5 seconds, arrived to give Scarlett the money he owed her he saw what Gunnar and Scarlett refuse to and he got all sleazy again, accusing them of sleeping together and just generally being a dick. Luckily, Avery threw the first punch so Gunnar could quickly, and without much effort, beat him senseless and still look like the good guy. Countdown to the lovin’ in 4, 3, 2,…

Also, does anyone else find it a lucky coincidence that Rayna is toying with the idea of her own label just as Juliette defies hers? Once Rayna signs Scarlett and Gunnar and Juliette, it’ll be like one happy Nashville family of musicians. Except Avery because he’s a sleaze.

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  • The elevator scene was great, as was Avery's pounding. Great episode. I wish you more glitter and smoke.

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