Haunt Review 2019: Scream Scene Haunted House

Haunt Review 2019: Scream Scene Haunted House

Vell, it is that macabre month once again and that means Team Gregula just had to revisit Scream Scene Haunted House located inside the Abandoned Skokie Water Playground that is part of the Skokie Park District. Scream Scene has been a fiendish favorite of ours for several years now and ve lurk forvard to checking out their ominous offering each October. Ve all scream for Scream Scene!

The haunt location is very easy to find. This year they even have a brand new SCREAM SCENE sign in gigantic letters that are now computerized to change colors! Too ghoul for school!

The sinister scares began as soon as ve exited the car and "Michael Myers" chased frightened teenagers around and around the parking lot! So frightfully funny! The vait entertainment vas hex-cellent, but the line vas very long and since it vas chilly out ve vere once again glad to have received a Triple Fright Ticket* each to skip the general admission line.

Scream Scene makes proper usage of their smaller space vith some fun frights. Dark passagevays lead into various scary scenes such as a doctor's office vith demented patients, a home full of zombie couch potatoes and a ghoulish gift shop. The beast part is still the circus maze that has been a mainstay for years and is designed to get you lost and disoriented as various creepy clowns lurk in the darkness. This haunt is very much designed for a teenage crowd vith even youthful scare actors, but don't let that deter your visit because each room is vell done vith great attention given to the deadly details.

Scream Scene vas a fang-tastic vay to spend a spooky Saturday evening vith fiends after a full day of media coverage at ACE Comic Con Midwest 2019. Ve sure can't vait to go back next year for more fear!


Scream Scene Haunted House is located at 4701 Oakton St, Skokie, IL 60076

Tickets are:
$12.00 - General Admission
$18.00 - Speed Pass
$36.00 - Triple Fright Ticket*
(includes immediate entry to Scream Scene, Hair Razor Haunted Scenes and Saint Pascal's The Catacombs)

**Triple Fright Tickets are not available online. Limited Triple Fright Tickets are available at Scream Scene, Hair Razor and The Catacombs. A $56 value.

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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