Cousin Jessi admits defeat over and over and over in Pixelatto's Reventure for PC

Cousin Jessi admits defeat over and over and over in Pixelatto's Reventure for PC

Let’s face it, we all want to be the hero and save the day. Buuut we also are easily distracted and find something cooler to do…which probably will end in some kind of horrific death. Well this is at least what happened to the poor protagonist in Pixelatto’s Reventure. But at least he gets endless chances to try again!


Reventure. is a pixaled platform adventure game for the PC where you play as this little dude (who’s name is whatever you name him) who wants to be a hero once he finds out the princess needs saving so the King agrees to let you help and off on your adventure you go! It is completely open ended and you try out any combination of items and events you want, but just know that about 90% of your choices will result in horrible painful death! Have fun!


One of the awesome things about Reventure. is that YES you will die and die a LOT but everytime you die you start back over at your cosy little cottage and start over having – hopefully – learned from your mistakes and eliminated some wrong choices. Also, every time you die you get a cool and little pixel cutscene telling you the results of your actions. These cutscenes can range from hilarious to terrifying, or both! Some are a bit graphic too so be warned! Also, when you return to life the next day, your avatar changes to reflect how you died. For instance if you were burned to a crisp, you will return completely burned up. These new looks don’t affect anything, they just make you look awesome.
The game mechanics also change depending on how many items you are carrying, if you carry too much you can’t jump high and if you grab a knife then you can’t use the chainsaw also etc. In this way Reventure. really makes you think about your choices and plan things out. There are also tons of characters, items, and signs that try to give you hints and advice but it’s up to you if you want to listen or completely ignore them for hilarious and fun results!


I think the point of Reventure. is to see all the fun and cruel ways you can be killed and maimed. There are 100 different endings all with their own avaitar which you can switch between at your house. I would say I had the most fun trying out different combinations of actions to achieve deaths. Some deaths just happen randomly as well. This also makes the game very hard because it’s really hard to tell what the actually way to win is, and if you lose you have to start all over again! There is also a TON of pop references in both game play and the resulting deaths so look out for those!
There is no doubt about it though! Pixelatto’s Reventure. is super fun and unique! There are not too many games out there that are more about letting your character die miserably then actually saving the day! So many choices and basically no consequences except for having to start over again make you feel fearless and experimenty! I give it 4 ½ outta 5 Ankhs just for it’s sheer difficultly.

The other nice part is that Reventure. is really cheap! It’s original price is $7.99 but right now you can get it form Steam for 50% off at $3.99. Good luck and have fun dying!

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