Cinepocalypse 2019

Cinepocalypse 2019

June has become the new macabre month for horror. One of Team Gregula’s favorite film festivals, Cinepocalypse, is returning to Chicago this veek and ve are horrifyingly happy! Formerly known as the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival, Cinepocalypse is the Midwest’s largest gathering of genre films and fans. 

The full slate of 2019 programming and guests is terrifyingly thrilling for the third year of this rebranded film fest. Taking place June 13-20 inside Chicago’s majestic Music Box Theatre located at 3733 N Southport Avenue.

Cinepocalypse 2019 HIGHLIGHTS:

  • VEROTIKA - Opening Night Film (World Premiere) with director Glenn Danzig in attendance
  • A special 70mm screening of TOTAL RECALL with an appearance from esteemed Canadian actor Michael Ironside, who will also be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award
  • AIRHEADS - Closing Night Film, celebration and party (25th Anniversary Screening in 35mm) with director Michael Lehmann in attendance
  • GWAR VS. CINEPOCALYPSE and GWAR VS. ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE - BälSäc the Jaws 'o Death and Sleazy P. Martini from the iconic band GWAR will be in attendance
  • FLATLINERS - Rare 70mm Presentation
  • HOW REDNECKS SAVED HOLLYWOOD - An Evening With Joe Bob Briggs
  • HOT DOG...THE MOVIE - (35th Anniversary 4K Producer’s Cut Restoration World Premiere) Hosted by the AV Club's Katie Rife & Mike McBeardo McPadden, Author of TEEN MOVIE HELL!


  • VEROTIKA  (World Premiere)
  • ATTACK OF THE DEMONS  (World Premiere)
  • KINDRED SPIRITS (World Premiere)
  • THE LURKER (World Premiere)
  • THE SWERVE (World Premiere)
  • ACHOURA (North American Premiere)
  • BELZEBUTH (North American Premiere)
  • GHOST KILLERS VS. BLOODY MARY (North American Premiere)
  • THE LAST TO SEE THEM (North American Premiere)
  • THE MUTE (North American Premiere)
  • PUNTA MUERTO {DEAD END} (North American Premiere)
  • BLISS (Midwest Premiere)
  • DARLIN' (Midwest Premiere)
  • MOPE (Midwest Premiere)
  • SATANIC PANIC (Midwest Premiere)
  • VILLAINS (Midwest Premiere)
  • WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE! (Midwest Premiere)
  • TAMMY AND THE T-REX (Original R-Rated 'Gore-Cut' 35mm World Premiere)


  • Director/Writer and Musician Glenn Danzig
  • Members of GWAR BälSäc the Jaws 'o Death and Sleazy P. Martini
  • Actor Michael Ironside
  • Director Michael Lehmann
  • Nationally Syndicated TV Host Joe Bob Briggs

Enjoy some sizzling summer scares at Cinepocalypse 2019! For more information and to purchase badges, click HERE.


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