Do you have what it takes to be a guard? Cuz Tondbert doesn't. Oh well!

Do you have what it takes to be a guard? Cuz Tondbert doesn't. Oh well!

It’s not easy being a guard, especially when you get super drunk while on duty and let in an evil wizard who then proceeds to kidnap the princess! Whoops!


Guard Duty by Sick Chicken Studios is a crazy, time-traveling, point and click adventure game that will have you laughing and hiding from fear at the same time! You play as two different characters, Tondbert the royal guard in the past and Agent Starborn a resistance member in the future. Both characters will play a crucial role in stopping an evil wizard from unleashing an even eviler demon on the world for his own evil gain. How evil!

The first part of Guard Duty takes place in medieval times where you play as a bumbling oaf Tondbert who has every intention of becoming a great palace guard but is a bit far off. When he realizes it was his dumb fault for letting the princess get kidnapped he decides to take it upon himself to go out and save her…that and the fact that everyone else is too lazy to go look for her. It’s plays like typical P&C where you find and use items to solve puzzles. Tondbert’s adventures are actually rather silly and you will be laughing and feeling sorry for the poor dope the whole way through.


Then in the future you play as Starborn who is a agent for the resistance and trying to stop the events of the past that led to the unleashing of a terrible demon. His parts are much more serious and dark, but still a bit of humor thrown in. The game play is a bit different as well, you still find and use items but it much easier to figure out as the items are used automatically when needed. I think that element gives it a more futury feel as well since everything is easier to do in the future. Starborn’s role is mainly stealth and not so much talking to people as Tonbert’s is.

There is some fun Irish voice acting as well! Really gave the characters personality and made them believable.
As I said, Guard Duty is hilarious but has it’s share of creepiness! Every once in a while Tondbert will get visions that foreshadow something terrible happening and it had me closing my eyes a bit! I thought it was a great contrast to the comedy of the game. It also made me want to keep playing to see what all that meant.


The main issue I had with Guard Duty is that I thought it was a bit too short, plus it had a lot of red herrings and full characters that seemed to be pretty established yet end up serving no purpose. It made me wonder if I missed something or perhaps there was an alternate way of solving a puzzle but that didn’t seem to be the case. One character I could tell was created purely for comic effect but a couple of the others ones felt like a missed opportunity. Using them would have also made the game longer, just saying.


Despite all that, I still greatly enjoyed Guard Duty. Tondbert was such a fun and lovable character and Starborn was great as well. I liked the blend of humor and terror, plus the fact that it took place in two different time frames was nice as well! I wish it was longer and the developers used more of those fun characters they created (like the little troll on the mushroom??) I give it 3 1/2 outta 5 Ankhs.

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Guard Duty is out now and available at the Steam store for $9.99. for more info click here Steam Just don’t get too drunk and destroy the universe ok?

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