Arrrrg! Save them birdies with Nelly Cootalot and Cousin Jessi!

Arrrrg! Save them birdies with Nelly Cootalot and Cousin Jessi!

Arrrrg! There is nothing like the life of a pirate! Swash buckling, treasure hunting, bird saving….well maybe that last part is just the life of one pirate, Nelly Cootalot. Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet by Application Systems Heidelberg Software is the newest Nelly tale and has just been released on iOS and Android. It follows the tale of a brave and well, bird loving pirate named Nelly Cootalot who once again gets suckered into saving all the birds from the up-to-no-good Baron Widebeard who hypnotized the birds to do his evil bidding. Since you are the successor of the great pirate William Bloodbeard it’s up to you to stop him, but it won’t be easy of course since you need to get an airship to fly you out to the island, and you can’t get an airship without a pilot, and you can’t get the pilot until he gets his memory back….sheesh what a day!


Fowl Fleet is a sequel to Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy for the PC Steam. In Spoonbeaks Nelly found that all the birds of the island had disappeared and she revealed that Baron Widebeard was behind the disappearance then too. I highly recommend you play Spoonbeaks first before Fowl Fleet since it directly follows that one so you might miss some references and backstory. Plus, it is a really fun, cute game that isn’t too long and can be beaten in one sitting, so just play it!

Fowl Fleet is a simple point and click adventure that has you finding and using items to solve puzzles. As Nelly you will be talking to zany and some downright evil characters to gain their trust so they can help you figure out how to stop the evil Baron from using these poor innocent birds for dastardly deeds. You have your familiar feathered buddy Sebastian helping you out again in this game, he will provide you with simple hints if you are lost or sometimes helping complete a puzzle. His hints are very basic so if you are really stuck he won’t be that big of a help unfortunately.


As you can guess from the description of Fowl Fleet it’s a very funny and goofy game. Lots of colorful characters and puzzles that will have you saying “I have to do what??” You will also get your fair share of pirate and pop culture puns like the sought after pirate “I-hook.” The graphics are simple yet effective, there are a couple animated cut-scenes as well to give you a bit of exposition between acts. The voice acting is also well done and each character has their own unique voice.

The puzzles are pretty straightforward and logical, many can be solved by simple process of elimination. Instead of having to figure out how to open locked doors and get past evil guards, Fowl Fleet’s puzzle system is basically “want this guy’s help? Well then do this, this and this!” I liked this format because if gives you more of a challenge, I need this chick to listen to this guy sing, how do I accomplish that? This guy won’t believe me! How do I convince him? Makes you have to think outside the box a bit.


Fowl Fleet is pretty short but still longer than Spoonbeaks. I would say you could beat it in a couple sittings. The game feels longer too because of all the problem solving you’ll have to do. My biggest complaint was that it being a phone/tablet game, it’s completely touch screen which means at times it could be hard to click things. For example I had to put a puzzle together at one point and if I tried to reach pieces way at the bottom sometimes the inventory menu would come up instead. For the most part it was ok but still a little touchy in that aspect.


Overall I really liked Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet. It was very fun and silly and despite a few touchy touch screen issues, a fun game to play on the phone. Definitely a game to try if you love P&C games that aren’t to be taken seriously. I give it 4 ½ outta five ankhs.


You can get Nelly on iOS or Android for only $2.99! It’s also still available on PC Steam for $13.99. Also don’t forget to check out Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy which is only available on Steam for $1.99! For more information check out the website Nelly Cootalot Good luck landlubber!!

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