Haunt Review 2018: Scream Scene Haunted House

Haunt Review 2018: Scream Scene Haunted House

In between the giant haunted attractions with Hollywood type big budgets sometimes it's fun to check out a good old fashioned local community haunt, so Team Gregula decided to pay Scream Scene Haunted House in Skokie, IL a visit. Located in the Skokie Park District building at Oakton and Rt. 41 this haunt was quite easy to find with the SCREAM SCENE sign in giant light-up letters.


The scares began as soon as we got out of the car where psychos bearing chainsaws and killer clowns ran around the parking lot chasing frightened teenagers around and around, which was absolutely hilarious! Even though the wait entertainment was excellent, the lines were insanely long and it was cold out so we were glad that we had gotten VIP Triple Haunt Passes (where you also get entry to Hair Razor Haunted Scenes and Saint Pascal's Catacombs immediate access line - RECOMMENDED) so we were able to go directly to the front of the line and wait inside the warm building.

Scream Scene has a lot of fun stuff you will find in larger haunts. Creepy dark passageways lead you into various scary scenes such as a hospital with demented patients hoping that you will check in and a home full of zombie couch potatoes that will make the places on those 'Hoarders' TV shows look clean. The best part is the clown maze designed to get you so dizzy you lose track of your friends! I really enjoyed the new cannibal themed restaurant scene that contained several rooms including a waiting area and the main dining room with deadly dishes presented on the tables for hungry guests. 

Scream Scene was a great way to spend a Saturday evening and we can't wait to come back next year.


Scream Scene Haunted House is located at 4701 Oakton St, Skokie, IL 60076

Tickets are:
$12.00* - General Admission
$18.00* - Fast Pass
$36.00* - Triple Haunt VIP Pass (includes immediate access to The Catacombs, Hair Razor Haunted Scenes and Scream Scene)

*New prices for 2018

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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