VampCon Kick-Off Party

VampCon Kick-Off Party

VampCon is having a killer kick-off party on September 13, 2018! This newly established con that vill be strictly vampire themed is going to take a BITE out of Chicago vith an introductory party for the undead hosted by your own vickedly vild vampire...Me! Yes, Count Gregula!!! V^^^V

It is a real honor to participate and be named Creative Consultant for a groundbreaking event that vill debut in September 2019. Plus, I'm pleased as plasma punch to be chosen to host the kick-off party for those of us that valk in the shadows. These events are exclusively created for all Fanged Fiends of Fright! VampCon Kick-Off Party info below.

‡ Enter the vampire costume contest! First place prize for the costume contest is a VampCon Hoodie and second place is a VampCon T-shirt.

‡ Convention ticket specials, special VampCon Pre-reg price of $45 (Only Available at this event).

‡ A raffle to vin VIP passes (Raffle prize is a VampCon RIP Prize Package that includes VIP Tickets to VampCon, VampCon Celebrity guest autographed photos and more).

‡ Special screening of "Count Gregula's Crypt presents Eegah" vith cast in attendance.


Celtic Crown Public House 
2356 W Cullom Ave
Chicago, IL 60618


Thursday, September 13, 2018


6PM - 10PM


$5 admission (comes vith 1 raffle ticket)

$15 admission (comes vith 2 drink tickets and 2 raffle tickets)


This is an over 21 event.

RSVP at the Facebook Event Page.

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