Cheesy Fun at the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair

Cheesy Fun at the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair

It's been a long hot summer in the city and Team Gregula needed to find a way to relax. Well Da Count's idea of relaxation is a two hour trip to Milwaukee to visit the Wisconsin State Fair!


Team Gregula always loves a trip to the Fair, there is always so much to see and do! The first thing we do after the long ride is to check out the Wisconsin Products Pavilion where, you guessed it, products from the State of Wisconsin are featured. We wandered about the booths looking at a model of a cranberry bog, tasting stuff made from real maple syrup, checking out the prizes for stuff like butter, meat, etc. The highlight is the delicious food being served like potatoes, bratwurst and our personal favorite - the delicious grilled cheese sammiches we come back for every year!




It was kind of a hot day so we didn't spend as much time walking around outside as we liked. We did make sure to visit the Milk House (sponsored by the local NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks) to try out the different flavored milks. There were tasty concotions such as chocolate and strawberry, root beer was kind of weird but my personal favorite was the green mint.


The giant pavilion where every single "as seen on TV" product on earth can be bought was another thing on our Wisconsin State Fair trip that we always have to do. Any place you can get a "MY PILLOW", eat your weight in free dip samples and get little holiday knickknacks covered in glitter (because who doesn't love glitter?) is AOK in my book!


Last but not least, if you don't come for anything else you have to come for this.




Handmade on site, these delicious airy puffs of golden goodness are stuffed with real dairy whipped cream and covered with powdered sugar. Messy but worth it!

The Wisconsin State Fair is all done for now, but don't worry it will be back next year! Can't wait!


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