Interview: Arika Wolly

Interview: Arika Wolly

Ghoulish Greetings! Count Gregula here. As a special treat (no trick) to my fiends and fans, I'm showcasing a vonderful in-depth interview vith new Florida horror author and screenvriter Arika Wolly. Arika has authored two macabre books that have received many positive reviews and in turn she has earned a loyal readership.

Below are Arika's revealing responses to my quirky questions about her novels and more. Read on.

Count Gregula: Ghoul afternoon, Arika.

Arika Wolly: Good afternoon to you as well. Thanks for having me.

CG: You are most velcome. It is my pleasure. Now, I know ve have some common interests in horror. Could you tell me more about your fascination vith the macabre?

AW: I started watching horror films with my father when I was itty bitty. Although I was terrified, it was my special time to spend with my father and my fascination grew from there. Started out with the slasher films Friday the 13th, Halloween etc...

But have always had a huge fear of clowns although I made one a villain in my recent novel CarnEVIL.


CG: Oh, slasher films! Very ghoul! Nice vay to connect vith your Father. Slasher cinema vas extremely popular back in the '80s. Several of those fright flicks created some very iconic characters that still exist today. Namely Pennywise from IT.

AW: Absolutely! And I’m hoping after I finish screen play for my supernatural thriller Fractured that I will jump to writing screenplay for CarnEVIL. My readers want to see ReLLiK come to life on the big screen.


CG: That is so impressive knowing your books are going to see life on the big screen. Con-Drac-ulations! Vas that your goal to see your characters become flesh and blood (pun intended) in theaters?

AW: Actually, no. I was involved in a car accident almost 3 years ago. It was the weekend we were moving out and I was at the entrance of our neighborhood waiting to turn in and got plowed into. Suffered neck and back injuries and was moving into my in laws for the next 7 months while our house was being built. So between back procedures, being in bed the majority of the time and living with my in laws, it was like a scene from misery.

So I began writing as an outlet. After about 100 pages, my husband asked to read it. He told me it was good and that I should do something with it. I had no idea what to do, being I didn’t have any writing background but finished my story. Submitted it to a couple of publishing houses and of course, received the polite rejection letters. Then did my own research on how to self publish and have done it all myself. Fractured began circulating just from word of mouth on Amazon and my presence on social media. My readers have been amazing! Such a humbling experience to say the least.

CG: Sorry to hear about your car accident. It seems that misery brought about creativity in your mind and developed your new calling as a horror author. I give you so much credit and applause for basically building a following on your own. That is not an easy task and takes time. You certainly earned the recognition now and your future endeavors in developing the screenplays for future films.

AW: Thank you so much. I look at most things glass half full. I used to be a preschool teacher prior to writing. Had the accident not occurred, I would have never had the time to develop my stories and truly be doing my dream job. So something good came out of something bad.

CG: Do you have a favorite character that you created?

AW: Hmmmmm. That’s a tough one. ReLLiK is really my favorite although I love my serial killer CJ in Fractured. Two different characters but love them equally. In my screenplay, I give CJ a bigger part and go more in-depth with his story than I did in my novel. But CJ is still a big part of the novel, Fractured.

CG: I am really glad ve had this time to chat and let my readers know about you. I am looking forvard to reading your books and vaiting for the adjoining films to become reality on the big screen. Tell me how people can get in contact vith you and purchase your scary novels.

AW: The pleasure has been all mine! Fractured and CarnEVIL are available on as well as internationally. Kindle and paperback formats are available here in the US but other countries it is Select. Some countries only the Kindle format is available. Hope you all have a spooktacular read.

Reader just need to type in Arika Wolly on their Amazon site and both books will populate immediately.

CG: Fangs so much, Arika! You vere vonderful. One day if I happen to fly by your NECK of the voods ve must go out for a BITE hopefully at NIGHT. V^^^V

AW: Would love that! Thank you again and hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.


Arika Wolly resides in Florida vith her husband, son and 2 Scottish Terrier pups. Vhether it be movies or a good book, getting lost in a story is one of her favorite past times. A couple of years ago, she began her journey as an author and turned vhat vas once a hobby into something to share vith the vorld.

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