Haunt Review 2017: Evil Intentions Haunted House

Haunt Review 2017: Evil Intentions Haunted House

It's that time of year again...HAUNTED HOUSE TIME!!! So of course for our first of the season, we at Team Gregula have to go check out one of Chicago's best and scariest haunts - Evil Intentions Haunted House!!!

A trip to Evil Intentions is always fun for Team Gregula but this night was extra special for a couple reasons, it was opening weekend and we brought along a brand new family member that Da Count recently dug up - Cousin Zom B!  Cousin Jessi also arose from her thousand hour slumber in her Egyptian sarcophagus for the occasion, but sadly our son Grim Marco couldn't join us.


Count Gregula, Mike Fitzpatrick (owner of Evil Intentions) & Cousin Zom B. at the spooky entrance. Photo: Angie Chilelli

So we made the journey up to Elgin, which is approximately 42 miles NW of Chicago to the old Elgin Casket Company warehouse. Oh and YES this was once a real coffin factory! Now if you want to get spooked even before you arrive, read up on the history of the location of Evil Intentions as it has a past filled with murder, cult activity and paranormal occurrences so strong there have been actors who quit in fear. If you're brave enough, join us on our visit muahahaha.....


Count Gregula shows off the Evil Intentions poster. Photo: Countess Gregula

Evil Intentions Haunted House is located in a dark and lonely industrial neighborhood, which ups the creep factor BIG TIME. Since it was a hot and sweaty opening night in September, the lines weren't too long but there was still a good amount of people waiting to get their scare on. Heavy metal music was blaring from a special customized 'Evil Intentions' bus parked outside and scary film scenes were being played on a wall of the building next door. There was quite a few monstrous creatures wandering the streets and parking lot to welcome everyone. A ghoulish nurse visited with us and warned of a certain mad dentist that is lurking inside to wait for innocent patients. Glad we are already undead!


Cousin Zom B. poses vith a ghoulish nurse and Count Gregula at Evil Intentions. Photo: Countess Gregula

So we got inside the waiting area which was filled with caskets (naturally!) and more zombies and other creeps lurking throughout the people in line. There were also dolls and the like hanging off the walls to creep us out more. Our journey began when we were brought into a room where we were made to read the rules of the haunt, never mind that it was nearly pitch DARK inside! Afterwards we partook in a weird gory ceremony and took a ride in a elevator to hell that was quite the experience!


Tickets. Photo: Countess Gregula

If you weren't shaky after that, then you will be after encountering the many dark mazes you are forced to navigate including a cage area filled with actors climbing every which way and loud death metal music pounding in your ears. Then we had to go down to the basement and the LIGHTS WENT OUT while we were on the stairs, throwing us into darkness (which we found out later wasn't supposed to happen) which threw the fear of something in us! We did manage to meet the above-mentioned dastardly dentist who seemed a bit too interested in me and Cousin Jessi, and I think I flustered him more than a bit when I told him he was cute HAHA!

This haunt has tons of mazes, lots of dark narrow paths to navigate to satisfy your claustrophobic fears. Only thing I would definitely warn patrons about is to dress for the weather! Evil Intentions being in an old building isn't climate controlled and it got hot and sweaty inside on that 90 degree evening.


Cousin Jessi and Linda rest vith the ghouls after exiting Evil Intentions. Photo: Countess Gregula

Evil Intentions Haunted House always has been a Gregula favorite and there was enough changes for regular visitors to be surprised and scared.



Cousin Jessi, Cousin Zom B. plus Linda & Count Gregula take a ghoulish group shot. Photo: Count Gregula

Evil Intentions Haunted House is located at 900 Grace St, Elgin, IL 60120

Open September 22 - October 31, 2016

Sunday & Thursday 7:30PM - 10:00PM
Friday - Saturday 7:30PM - Midnight
October 26-27 & October 31 7:30PM - 10:00PM

Tickets are:
$25 - General Admission to Evil Intentions
$35 - Fast Pass

Click HERE for tickets and more information.

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