First Impressions of the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair with Cousin Zom B.

First Impressions of the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair with Cousin Zom B.

Hello everyone, Cousin Zom B. here! I’m here to give you some of the dirt on attending the Wisconsin State Fair as a first time fair-goer. First things first, I only had a day to explore the fairgrounds and well...if you like to eat, and zombies like to eat, you are in for a treat. Our tour, guided by the Count and Countess, first brought us to the Wisconsin Food Pavilion. This building is a must on the stop list for all non cheese heads. I ate and ate what I could. Brats, curds, cheese sandwiches, and maple flavored cotton candy. I knew I had to pace myself but this was only a sampling of what was available in the pavilion. If is was grown or made in Wisconsin you will mostly find it here. Three of the state's most popular breweries were also found here on tap, if alcohol is not your beverage of choice well they had plenty of Sprecher’s root beer and cream soda on tap and in bottles at most vendors booths.


Like most state fairs, agricultural shows are also a main theme with a wide range of topics from livestock, to pets, food and drink. The fair also hosts their own top food competition ‘The Sporkies’ an award given to winning vendors of some of the most unique and complex tastes the fair can provide. If you want to take a break from the many dairy products found all around, try something on a stick…. They do not offer brains on a stick, which made me a little upset. If it can be wrapped in bacon, fried, or pierced with a wooden stake (sorry Count) you can find it for sale all around the fairgrounds.

Now listen here cream puff....the Original Cream Puff Pavilion is also a must see stop. This building houses many bakeries offering sugar-powered goodness and is also home to The Cream Puff Bakery where they are made and sold all onsite. This is a fast paced bakery with some real pros doing what they love doing, baking and preparing this tasty treat at record speed. It was fun to watch them serve all their guests at a rapid fire pace.



Want to shop? Vendors galore are found all around the grounds. Home decor seems to be the most popular next to food items. Here you can find as many unique products to purchase as well as your common items. But this ain’t no flea market. All vendors have great display setups and fantastic customer service, except one guy…. You know who you are. Many are willing to take the time to answer your questions so you know about their wares and not simply trying to sell you something, except that one guy…. Along with the product vendors there are a few services that also can be offered along with a few games of skill or activity for the kids.

Speaking of kids, this family friendly event has plenty to do, you might spot a few photo ops from time to time. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Spin City. The zone packed with familiar and rarely seen carnival rides. They even offer a variety of day camps for children to be educated in a fun and unique environment

Not only do you have a few dedicated pavilions that offer food and drink, the pavement around the fair is also home to many bars and live music stages. In 30 minutes of your day you can enjoy a pizza cone, and listen to country and walk a few moments down to another eatery and order some German fare and sit back to some classic punk rock. The stages are alive nonstop throughout the day, but you may get lucky and get a chance to hear a few headliners like John Mellencamp, Patti LaBelle, Allen Jackson, Great White, Vixxen, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. These feature performers are as a wide a spectrum as the free entertainment.


Overall, I think a good two solid days is all you need to get the full experience. But a single visit will leave you coming back for more. The cost of admission is is only $12 with discount admission for military, children, and seniors. Children under 5 are free. With parking being an additional cost expect to bring a lot of spending money for food, rides, and select entertainment. The eleven days the fair is in operation you will want to plan ahead and see what the calendar of events has to offer so you can schedule in items of interest.


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