Team Gregula egg hunts at Massacre Haunted House Butcher Bunny Easter Haunt

Team Gregula egg hunts at Massacre Haunted House Butcher Bunny Easter Haunt

Everyone knows that Easter is all about Jesus, and Bunnies, and chocolate, and eggs, the most important is chocolate of course! But all that becomes even better when you throw it all into a haunted house! I think…. Massacre Haunted House decided to theme up their usual haunt and turn into the whimsical happy-pappy Butcher Bunny - Easter Haunt. Ok, so it’s neither whimsical nor happy pappy but it’s still pretty Easterish - in a demonic way!


Anywho, that wascally wabbit Peter Rottentail has escaped from The April Valley Sanitarium and plans to destroy the real Easter Bunny and everything he stands for! Your mission? You find all 12 Easter eggs that he has strewn about the haunt and turn them in at the end stop Rottentail and save Easter…and get a nifty prize! There was also a golden egg inside that would grant you an awesome $50 gift card!

So Team Gregula set out on our adventure to find the eggs (not so much to stop Rottentail but more because I just like collecting eggs) with me in the lead because we all know I am the efficient one! The haunt went as usual, walking around the labyrinth and getting spooked around every corner by various evil creatures. Me getting yelled at by a bunch of monsters who didn’t seem to like me asking them where all the eggs were. You know, typical. The twist this time was that we were actually allowed to touch the scenery – which is usually a big no-no in haunted houses – because you were on the constant search for eggs. It actually felt weird to be honest, as I felt like I was going to get in trouble!

So as a group we looked high and low, left and right. I ran my hand along every surface and nook because the eggs were everywhere! I even found an egg in the pocket of this creepy “The Ring” looking chick! After all our efforts we managed to find 11 of the 12 eggs. I thought we had found them all but apparently I miscounted, which is easy to do when you are trying not to be killed in the process of hunting. However, the Massacre Haunted House management took pity on us, especially after I started bawling, and still gave us the reward for finding all the eggs, a giant Massacre Haunted House pin. Everyone else got a dinky little one!

Overall I thought it was a cool and unique concept that gave you a slight change of pace from the typical “walking about in a haunted whatever.” It was awesome getting to actually touch the scenery even though I kept thinking I was going to get yelled at or even injure myself. The cast was actually very fun about it as well, like I said I would often ask the actor where the egg was and they would respond in character with something like “how the heck should I know? And what are you doing in my house?” One girl even tried to give me the egg that was she was eating at the time but I politely declined.

The only criticism I have is that spending all the time looking for the eggs was actually a bit distracting from enjoying the actual haunt. For instance one of the actors was trying to interact with me but I was busy trying to find the egg so I had to kind of ignore him. Also they encouraged you to keep the line moving as you looked so you couldn’t scour the room too well looking for eggs. But it was still very fun though, especially since I had been to the haunt before and the basic scenery hadn’t changed from it’s Halloween version so I felt I didn’t miss too much.

So Massacre Haunted House Butcher Bunny - Easter Haunt ended up being a hopping good time! (Sorry I couldn’t resist.) It was a cool change of pace and gave you a reason to go back to a haunt you might have already seen several times. It would’ve been better if maybe the actors played more into the fact that you were trying to look for eggs, like maybe try to lead you astray, so that you wouldn’t feel like you had to ignore their gimmick in order to search the room. But overall it was very fun and I’d love to do it again! I give it 4 outta 5 Ankhs!

Since Easter is long gone, so is this haunt opportunity but don’t worry! Massacre Haunted House has haunts all month around Halloween and some other holidays and has a year round escape room as well! For more info on their haunts and the escape room visit here Fear the Massacre Happy haunting all!


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