Team Gregula solves the puzzle of DOA Room Escape

Team Gregula solves the puzzle of DOA Room Escape

Team Gregula got a bit of a winter surprise recently with an invitation to come out and play at DOA Room Escape at their Addison, IL location for a fun Media Day. Da Count and I were treated like royalty from the very beginning with a pickup in a black SUV downtown to take us to the land far, far away (not public transit accessible) and it was a treat not having to worry about buses or trains!

Going inside the lobby was a very normal experience, kind of like an office building and we were greeted warmly by the 'game masters' John Bennett and Kristin Mellon and their staff. We were also given time to meet and greet with the other participants in the puzzle room, including (to our surprise) very good friend serial killer author John Borowski. This was ironic because we were going to solve the puzzle of HH Holmes' basement and he has a book about him!

There are two rooms to choose from at DOA Room Escape, one based on Al Capone and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and only has one room to escape from and the second one, which we chose, based on the HH Holmes murders and is more complicated as there is an additional room with puzzles and riddles to make things more complicated and interesting.


Now the fun begins, we were asked to wear name tags...but not use our real names. The walls inside the waiting area were covered with the name tags of previous players and believe me, they can get quite creative (Asian Hooker?) and borderline NSFW haha. Team work is very important in these rooms so we were also asked to choose and agree on a team name (Team Mudgett - HH Holmes' real name) before going in.

After a backstory about the "basement" we were all let loose inside for the next 60 minutes to look for clues, which was very challenging so we were grateful for the assistant that stayed in the room with us to help nudge us in the right direction. There were physical puzzles to put together as well as riddles to solve, you literally needed EVERYONE to put their minds together to get through it quickly. It seemed more stressful in the first room as there were a lack of physical clues to decipher the locks.


We got to the second room after 30 min and it was more "hands on". We still had a lot of riddles to solve and basic knowledge of HH Holmes case came in handy. Somehow we managed to escape the room with less than a minute left and the feeling of victory was exhilarating!


After we were done we got to take our team photo for posterity wearing brand new custom tshirts from DOA Room Escape that you can only get if you escape the room. It was an awesome feeling to finally escape a room after four other rooms of fail haha! We then we're entered into another contest where we each got a cup full of candy and a 4 digit code to open a box in the other room and Count Gregula won! We get a trip to Wilderness on the Lake in Wisconsin Dells and maybe a chance at their DOA Room Escape there!

After the excitement we retired to their party room for lunch and conversation which was a nice bonus. Team Gregula had SO much fun and give DOA Room Escape HH Holmes Basement **TWO FANGS UP**

DOA Room Escape has two locations:
(CHICAGO West Suburbs)



Tickets for the Addison location can be purchased here. Times and dates vary, so it's a good idea to check ahead of time before making final plans.

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