Cousin Jessi and Team Gregula strike again at Anime Midwest 2015

Cousin Jessi and Team Gregula strike again at Anime Midwest 2015

Well your Cousin is back with more gaming updates, this time from Anime Midwest Chicago 2015 at the Hilton in Rosemont IL! As always they had their usual batch of Anime vendors selling lots of awesome action figures, movies, toys, dolls, and clothing. And, since I am Cousin Jessi the ghoulishly good video game reviewer I am quite obligated to mention and talk extensively games!

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Not only did Anime Midwest have a few booths selling video games and board games, but they also had a full on arcade in the basement full of Japanese music games, pinball machines, classic arcade machines, and even table top gaming! They had Pachinko for prizes, DDR, Mario Bros pinball, lots of rhythm games like Jubeat, Takio Drum Master, Pop-n-Music (which I spent a LOT of time playing!) and of course classic arcade games like Time Crises, Bust a Move, Simpsons, and TMNT Turtles in Time which Cousin Gregula and Countess aren’t that good at...


Ok, I’m not that great either.


But we still won see!


The best part was that all the games were free to play! Except for Pachinko but you could trade in your winnings for fabulous anime and video game prizes! Or go home completely broke, whichever comes first. And if your fingers need to take a break then you can walk to the other side of the room and try out some free board games or table top RPG’s. Yes I know you still need your fingers for that but it’s much less strain!


Anime Midwest also had several gaming tournaments going on for Super Smash Bros and a couple other games. Winners got cool prizes as well as cool bragging rights!

Oh and did I mention there was free Ramen? Because there was…LOTS of it! And also free pop, oatmeal and white rice, as much as you wanted or until it ran out which it did a couple times, but fortunately they were good about restocking.


So what could be better than strolling through tons of vendors, checking out some fun panels and possibly meeting a few celebs, and playing games with a bunch of people in awesome (or lame) costumes (well other than free Ramen of course…)? Not much if you are an anime/video game fan!


Anime Midwest 2015 was super fun and went off without a hitch, at least as far as I know. I highly recommend this con to anyone who is a Anime fan or just likes to hang out with some cool people and maybe play some free video games. Unfortunately, Anime Midwest 2015 is long gone but I have no doubt they will be hosting the con once again next year with more anime, more panels, more celebs, more cosplay and best of all, more video gaming! Oh and more free Ramen of course….see you there next year friends!

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