Join the Gregula Clan at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014

Join the Gregula Clan at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014

Hey Kids! Looks like me and my fellow undead cousins Count Gregula and Countess are dusting off the old Hearse (which is pretty dusty since Cousin Gregula NEVER washes it!) and heading over the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, this August 21st through 24th 2014! We’re even dragging along our awesome camera fiend Marco ;)

As always, the con is full of comics, toys, collectables, games, DVDs, Blurays and lots of panels. You can also come and meet some of your favorite celebs or comic book creators/artists. Heck, just come to see some cool cos-play, I’ve heard the living can get pretty creative! Hopefully there will also be some SPOOKY games for me to play and review!

WWCCC 2014 will be held at the Stephens Center in Rosemont Il. Also Trekkie alert!! There is also going to be a special Star Trek Next Gen Panel at 5pm on Sunday Aug 24th, which will star the most of the crew of Next Generation and will be narrated by William Shatner! There will be an additional ticket charge for this event, which varies depending on your desired seat, but you don’t need to buy a WWCCC ticket to attend!

If you’re not able to attend then you should defeintly keep up to date with Count Gregula’s Crypt to see any cool interviews or photos we add. Possibly even some nice shout-outs! Well if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get ready for the con and spiff myself up with some new wrappings, I’m thinking of going with neon green whaddya think?

Hey! If you pass us by don’t forget to give us a scream!

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