Concert Review: King Kurt and Klingonz at Reggies

On Friday, June 6, I attended my very first psychobilly show at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. Two UK psychobilly band legends, King Kurt and Klingonz, each made a rare featured US appearance at Reggies that night. I heard about this sinster show from a fiend of mine (Shanta) that said it vas vorth creeping out these macabre musical masters. For those of you that don't know, psychobilly is a mixture of punk and rockabilly. There is also a hint of classic rock music thrown in for ghoulish measure.

There vere actually four psychobilly blands playing that night. The other two bands 13 Angels and Nothing To Gain are Chicago based. They are both vorthy of a mention each here in my review even though I didn't get a chance to hear them play since I met up vith some fiends over in the restaurant/bar section of Reggies.

Vhen I did get back to the concert hall it vas time for King Kurt to play. They are from the UK and formed in 1981 then split up in 1988. However, they have reunited sporadically that included a reunion concert in 2010. That night King Kurt vas very energetic and right on there musical marks. They sang in upbeat tempos vith legendary oldies inspired beats. I liked the sinster song stylings of my introduction to King Kurt.

After a brief break to change the stage for the next act, the much anticipated appearance of the Klingonz became an unreal reality! These UK legends that formed in 1988 are the most theatrical klown princes of putrid percussions. They each vear clown costumes vith highly detailed make-up designs. Their show is fast paced and high energy! These klownz are no Bozos! One of the macabre members came on stage periodically during a few of the songs to first swallow a sword and then ride a unicycle as he juggled batons. A few of the songs played Oompa Loompa, Too Drunk To Fuck and Werewolf Boogie.

All in all, I had an eerily enjoyable night of macabre music on a freaky Friday night!


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