Cousin Jessi Reviews the Graphic Novel "Hello Kitty Delicious!"

Cousin Jessi Reviews the Graphic Novel "Hello Kitty Delicious!"

1976, 2014 SANRIO CO. LTD. Used under license.

What do you get when you cross aliens, giant cakes, fire breathing bears, and an adorable kitten? Why Hello Kitty of course! Hello Kitty Delicious! is a collection of different Hello Kitty comics done by illustrators Jacob Chabot, Ian McGinty, Jorge Monlongo, Stephanie Buscema, and published by Sanrio. Each artist added their own spin to the classic kitty comics, and their own style of art. There are no words in Hello Kitty Delicious! which makes the comics even more adorable!

Each comic in Hello Kitty Delicious! is different and standalone. There is only one or two that allude back to a previous comic, but even so it tells it’s own story. Hello Kitty and her furry friends encounter all sorts of situations such as running from a giant who thinks Kitty is a running strawberry, to turning into a spaghetti mummy (sounds like my kind of pasta!)

You can definitely see the difference between the art style of each artist (some are subtle and others really stand out.) However, the cartoons themselves are all about the same; very cute and very silly!
The comics in Hello Kitty Delicious! have no words, they are strictly art, though there may be an occasional expression balloon so you know what the character is feeling. It’s easy to figure out what is going on in each panel though, there was only one comic strip that I had a bit of trouble with which was the spaghetti mummy one. There were a couple scenes that were unclear because there was too much going on in the panel, but after reviewing the previous panels I was able to get back into the flow of the comic. The entire collection is unfortunately very short and you will most likely finish it in 10 minutes.

Hello Kitty Delicious! is a great “read” for all ages especially little ones! The tones are all lighthearted and silly with the exception of one that maybe a little scary by a large stretch of the imagination. I give this collection 4 out of five Ankhs!


Hello Kitty Delicious! is available anywhere comics and grahic novels are sold, and all e-readers for only $7.99! Basically, if you don’t find this comic collection insanely cute then you need to take a long hard look at yourself! Or at least read the collection again!

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