Haunted House Review: The Asylum Xperiment

Haunted House Review: The Asylum Xperiment

The Asylum Xperiment has always been rated highly on other haunted house review sites, so Da Count and I decided that it was time to sink our fangs into this one! We made our way to Villa Park to the Odeum (once the home of the legendary Hades Haunted House) which is not too terribly far out of the city, maybe about 15-20 minutes from downtown, for a night we shall soon not forget.

Parking is super easy as the Odeum has a giant parking lot, and we managed to score a spot not too far from the entrance even though it was a busy Saturday night. Tickets are available in the main lobby, but it is a cash-only so make sure you hit up the ATM before heading out. The clean and shiney entrance made a huge contrast with what was going to be in store as we made our way upstairs to the second level of the venue.

The Asylum Xperiment is actually THREE haunts rolled up into one. However, before you go into the actual haunted house, general admission participants go through a winding maze in Dead of Winter - a spooky outdoor winter graveyard scene complete with falling snow! This area was supposed to be interactive with a kiosk with a video screen where you push a button to scare people inside the haunt yet it didn't seem to work that night, but the talented actors in spooky garb scaring and entertaining everyone made up for it. As you reach the entrance, the house exterior literally looms above you making you feel you are about to enter a giant mansion which sets the tone for the first haunt "Home for the Horrordays". This winding home is decorated in a not-so-merry Christmas style with many gruesome surprises waiting for you that you just won't find at Grandma's.

After your fill of horrorday fear, you step into the elevator (or is it HELL-evator?) to enter haunt #2 "Subterranean" where the winding catacombs of the dead will take you on a dark journey you will soon not forget! Just when you think you are done, step into number 3-"Armageddon: Big Top Terror". There is no clowning around in this circus of the damned! Beware of Bozos!

From beginning to end we were entertained and a bit scared, would have been a little better if groups going in were smaller as I missed out on a lot of the scares due to seeing them at the beginning of the group. But it certainly didn't spoil our fun as we enjoyed the gruesome and detailed scenes and the actors were very good at throwing the scares into you.  Count and I give The Asylum Xperiment **TWO FANGS UP** and are looking forward to coming out again next year!

The Asylum Xperiment is located at the ODEUM EXPO CENTER, 1033 N Villa Avenue, Villa Park, IL.

Open October 4 - November 2, 2013.

Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 7:00PM - 10:30PM
Friday & Saturday 7:00PM -12:00AM

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit

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