Haunted House Review: Fear City Chicago & Fables Studios

Haunted House Review: Fear City Chicago & Fables Studios

Fear City Chicago is slowly becoming a new Gregula tradition, we've attended this haunt since it's inception in 2011 and always enjoyed!

Upon entering, loud music thumps in the air as your eyes are assaulted by the many flickering TVs in the dimly lit waiting area. Wait entertainment is fun, homeless zombies wander about scaring the pants off of teenage girls while crazy church ladies ask you if you have saved your soul yet. You might want to think about it before you go inside.

Now this is not the same old Fear City of years past, all new surprises await! There have been a few changes made for the 2013 season, the old "peep show" entrance and giant Blagoevich head is gone, but our favorite Chicago-centric haunted house will still take you on a scary journey beginning with a brief church service, YES CHURCH SERVICE, meeting various crazies in the dark and riding the CTA Red Line to HELL (much like the Red Line is everyday!)  which is the highlight of the entire experience. "Doors closing"   There is also a 3D area painted in fluorescent colors so bright you got slightly dizzy, which seems to have been extended this year.

Just when you think you are done with the scares at Fear City- you are NOT,  because there is the all NEW addition of Fables Studios Carnivale Interactive Haunted House waiting for unsuspecting patrons like you...mwahahahaha!  This carnival-themed attraction, which was in a tiny storefront last year has joined forces with Fear City in an all-new and much LARGER space to take you through all your childhood dreams...and nightmares.  This haunt is unique because you are not simply an observer, but a participant. Clowns assault you, tarot cards are read and carnival games will be played with a very special prize for the winner!  Fables Studios Carnival is a MUST SEE on your trip of terror to Fear City!

Da Count and I give Fear City Chicago and Fables Studios a big **TWO FANGS UP** for keeping the scares coming!

Fear City Chicago & Fables Studios is located at 8240 N. Austin Ave, Morton Grove, IL.

Open October 4 - November 2, 2013.

Sunday - Thursday 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Friday - Saturday 7:00PM -12:00AM
October 30 & 31 7:00PM -12:00AM

Purchase your tickets now before it's too LATE!

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