Event Recap: Red Bull Flugtag Chicago 2013 [PHOTOS]

Red Bull Flugtag Chicago 2013 took off a little LATE (pun intended) on Saturday, September 21.  Make that two and a half hours LATE, but vho vas COUNTing?! I actually vas running LATE myself and didn't arrive at Burnham Park in Chicago till 2:30 PM (first flight vas supposed to be at 1 PM) so I  vas vorried I missed half the event. However, as I finally made it to my destination I noticed that nothing vas going on yet.

This year for the very first time, Red Bull Flugtags vere also taking place on the same day and at the same time in Washington D.C., Long Beach, Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth. I don't know how the other locations turned out, but here is the story of Red Bull Flugtag Chicago from my very own petrified perspective.

I vas not familar vith Burnham Park at all so I valked around a little to get a feel of the place and try to to find the media check-in table. I had to ask a couple people and after I found the check-in area,  I vas told that things vere delayed. So, I vent over to the media section near the flight deck to take my position. There vere some flying vehicles already on the ramp ready to take off and a couple of the hosts vere on camera talking about how the event should be starting soon.

Finally, after another hour vent by things vere a GO! Around 20 of the 30 teams made the flight (or more accurate flop) into the vater of Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, about 6 teams had to go home vithout getting there chance to show the vorld their performance because the CFD (Chicago Fire Department) shut down the event because of unsafe conditions. Boo!

Vell, at least Red Bull Flugtag Chicago did happen this year because it vas cancelled entirely last year due to similar "unsafe marine conditions" the morning of the event. All in all, it still vas a fun event vith a record crown in attendance. Congrats to the vinners and my condoelnces to those that didn't make their flights. Below is a photo gallery to enjoy at your own displeasure. If YOU see yourself give me a comment or at the very least share this post vith all your fiends. Fangs so much! V^^^V

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