Event Recap: Chicago Costume Halloween Fashion Show 2013

Hey there cool cats! Tabby Cecilia here, and I hope that you are all feeling perrrfect! I'm reporting to you from under the silvery moon, where I like to meow at the latest fashion. Just in time for the Halloween season, Count Gregula's Crypt had the honor of attending the Chicago Costume Halloween Fashion Show, on Wednesday October 9th 2013. Chicago Costume has thrown an annual costume fashion show for the past five years, showcasing the latest costumes and accessories the store has to offer. In addition to a yearly show, the events are themed based on fun costumes that the store would like to draw attention to. This years theme was a Sci fi- Outer Space one called "Lost In Space" that drew its inspiration form many of the cosmic costumes that were featured. The costumes  really made me meow!

The show was held in the heart of downtown Chicago, at an amazing night club called American Junkie. The upstairs private room was the perrrfect setting for the show, fully decked out in an ultra modern design. The design lay out was American themed, with stripes spread out on the future and art work, with a larger stand alone piece, a huge American Flag colored in black white. The Striped theme was even embodied on the lounge couches, which emphasized the design concept and was a nice element. I especially feel in love with the Chain Linked DJ table and felt it was a nice detail. The room also included two bars and a large stage.

The VIP pre-show started at 7 p.m. (VIP package was $25 which included; first choice seating, appetizers, and two drink tickets). The appetizers were served shortly then after, and I must say they were perrrfectly yummy! It was an a delicious variety including; mini cheese burger sliders, cheese vegetable pastry wrap, season chicken on a stick and flat bread with sun dried tomato, topped with feta cheese. Meow, meow, so yummy! General admission doors opened at 8 pm ( General Admission was free, and seating was based on a first come first serve basis). At 8:30 sharp the show began, as the amazingly talented Natalia Kills stepped on stage and rocked it out, singing her perrrfect songs to the beat of the models about to walk out on stage. However to my amazement there was no catwalk, so I figured the models maybe walking on the stage past Natalia, I was so wrong. The stage was one of the most unique runway stages I have ever seen. The catwalk was between the striped lounge couches of the club! Not only was it unique, it allowed the viewers to be up close and personal with the models, allowing every detail and angle to been seen. Meow, meow what a nice touch!

As I mentioned the theme was Sci fi- Outer Space, the costumes were a nice verity of aliens, robots, space monsters, and an astronaut in a full space suit.I felt the theme was represented perrrfectly, and made me want to become an alien cat girl! The models were styled well, and the costumes were styled with the perrrfect accessories. Including;light up space glasses, space helmets, laser and alien guns, silver staffs, colorful leg warmers, furry monster hats, and colorful wigs just to name a few! The make up artists out did themselves painting the models in cosmic colored face and body makeup. Some models were even painted head to toe with colors, including; sliver, green, red pink , blue and some patterns. Meow, meow it was a very brightly colored show!

As unique as the show sounds, the costumes where truly the colorful standout. Each one had its own standalone uniqueness, but I did have three favorites. A male model who wore a  silver shirt, silver face makeup, a cowboy hat and was holding a Steampunk gun.  Secondly, an Alien girl who wore a silver dress, with blue body paint, an electric blue wig and star hair accessories. And lastly, my favorite in show, a dragon girl, who had a Chinese furry mask hat, a mini dress that had a detail pattern that looked like dragon scales, and furry black leg warmers with a silver sheen.

The Chicago Costume Halloween Fashion Show was quite a fun event and I had a perrrfect time! Count Gregula's Crypt would like to give a special thanks to the host and owner of Chicago Costume Courtland Hickey for inviting Da Crypt Crew. Looks like Halloween 2013  is going to be an awesome year for unique costumes! And remember to check out Chicago Costumes for your Halloween and costume accessory needs! Hey cool cats be sure to check out my gallery for photos of the fashion show. I give the show 5 meows out of 5.

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