15 Years of Gregula Halloweens

On a Halloween night back in 1998, Count Gregula arose from his centuries-long slumber to attend a party hosted by Chicago's very own Host with the Most, Svengoolie at The House of Monsters. Back then, Da Count looked a bit different...

The original incarnation of Count Gregula circa 1998 with Svengoolie and the "Mrs."

This look is now known as Grandpa Gregula, the ancestor of the current Count. Since then Count Gregula has gone through quite a bit of changes and celebrated a lot of Halloweens. The most important Halloween was in 2003...the day he brought ME out of Hell and into our cemetery crypt in the Transylvanian part of Chicago where we do lots of fun things to blog about right here on ChicagoNow!

Enjoy a terror trip down macabre memory lane that features 15 Years of Gregula Halloweens. Below, check out our Ghoulish Gallery of Haunted Halloweens and Creepy Costumes over the years...

Connect vith Count Gregula's Crypt

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