Tabby Cecilia's Midnight Fashion Reviews: Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013

Tabby Cecilia's Midnight Fashion Reviews: Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013
Tabby Cecilia with Courland Hickey "The Costume King" general manager of Chicago Costume and Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones

Meow! Hello all you cool cats out there! Hope you are all doing PERRRRFECT! This past weekend August 9-11th Tabby Cecilia joined Count Gregulas Crypt at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con! This year Wizard World was in full swing, and the creative juices were following. The con had every element that Tabby Cecilia loves to Meow at! From PERRRFECT  Cosplay, to handmade pieces in the Artist Alley, to hearing the the latest ideas for this upcoming Halloween season! Meow!

When first walking into the convention, my cats eyes were instantly drawn to the Artist Alley. Convention attendees can browse through a sea of independent artist vendors, whom are selling handmade pieces, which range from: art prints, comic books, toys, jewelry, clothing, accessories masks, puppets and much more! The craftsmanship alone on these pieces need to be acknowledged because many were out of this world.

I got an opportunity to speak to a local jewelry designer named Dawn, who jewelry was absolutely stunning! Meow! Dawn creates Chainmaille jewelry that resembles armor chains, and has a historic look! Very high fashion feel to her pieces, with strong textured material. She describes her work as "light weight" and the materials she uses are "aluminum".  Her pieces include; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and accessories which also include cell phone charms. Each piece is handmade, and comes in a variety of colors, especially silver.  Dawn also mentioned that she likes to "Stand out from other Chainmaille jewelers, and prides her work as being affordable". Costume pieces are available a pound request, as well as a Vampire themed jewelry line. Dawn's pieces are PERRRFECT at an affordable price! Keep your cat eye out for Dawn! Prices range from:$3-250.

For more information about Dawn, visit her website:    Facebook:  Lost in the Maille   Email Dawn at:

When I made my way to the second floor of Wizard World, I was introduced Courtland Hickey. Courtland is the General Manager of Chicago Costume, and is known as "The Costume King of Chicago" M.E.O.W! After getting a chance to check out the Chicago Costume's PERRFECT vendor stand, Courtland let Da Crypt in on whats hot for this up coming Halloween!

New Trends for Halloween 2013

*All things Retro-1980's,1990's

*Street Fighter


*Most popular- Game of Thrones

Most Request Custom Costumes of  2013


*Game of Thrones

*50 Shades of Grey

*S&M themed costumes

Chicago Costumes is the PERRRFECT place for you cool cats to check out because they can costume make anything you can dream up! Courtland informed me that Chicago Costume takes custom orders and all costumes are made here in Chicago. Meow to that! Allow three month in advance notice for costume orders. Rental costumes are also available with an $100 cash deposit.

For more information on Chicago Costumes visit their store at: Chicago Costumes 1120 West Fullerton Chicago, IL 60614, visit their website at: or email Courtland at:

One of my favorite events at Wizard World is the costume contest! I love to scream MEOW!! MEOW!!  to cheer on my favorite entries. This year the celeb judges included: Jason David Frank of Power Ranger fame, and Ivy Doom Kitty professional Coplayer, Hosted by Jarrett Crippin, the contest was held Saturday August 10th at 6:30 pm at the height of Wizard World. What a PERRRRFECT way to end the convention evening! The categories included: best in show, best male villain, best male hero, best female hero, best team(+2).

The judges had a hard time on their hands, because many Cosplayers put so much of their heart and soul into their costumes. As well as even acting out the role of their  Cosplayed  on stage to impress the judges and audience alike. Many pieces were so well crafted I felt I had walked into a movie studio. Not only were the costumes PERRRFECT, but the makeup, props and prosthetic were down right amazing! Winners of Honorable mention received  a Wizard World t-shirt, Second Place received $100, and First Place winners received a Wizard World "W" trophy and $200.

Finally, I have to give major cat love to all the Cosplayer at Wizard World 2013, because I MEOWED at so many! In honor of their wonderful work and love of Cosplay I, Tabby Cecilia decided to have my own Costume Contest right here in Da Crypt!  MEOW!! MEOW!! So, please enjoy the top 10 best in show, and the top 5 honorable mention!

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con was PERRRFECT this year! I give it 5 MEOWS!! out of 5!

Please visit my upcoming Gallery blog page to see photos of: Dawn's Jewelry, Chicago Costume, Wizard World Chicago Costume Contest, and Da Crypt's Costume Contest!

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