Event Recap: Bristol Renaissance Faire 2013 [PHOTOS]

It's the 2013 Bristol Renaissance Faire! Huzzah!

Twenty-six years ago someone in Wisconsin decided that they would like to relive a time when it was fashionable for a man to wear tights and it was ok to poo into a hole in the ground. OK I was kidding about the poo part but you gotta admit, Renaissance times were a bit simpler than today. Gregula and I decided that even tho we were exhausted from two fun filled weekends of vampire mayhem at Wizard World and the Wheaton All-Night Flea Market, to take the 45+ mile drive up to the Land of Cheese to partake in this year's Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Now if you have never been to a Ren Faire before, the best way I could describe it is, um...think of what Six Flags would have been like 500 years ago. As you approacheth (haha Renaissance language) the fortress-like front gate, you step out of the 21st century to what amounts to be a  15th century era small town. Above the entrance, three women dressed as old witchy crones were interacting with the patrons hilariously as they entered the park. As you stroll about the Faire, you notice that all park staff are dressed in the vestments of this bygone time, not only do they look the part they also act the part and almost never go out of character. Very authentic!

There were vendors  aplenty with wares ranging from jewelry to cookware to clothing. Cosplay is highly encouraged at the Bristol Renaissance Faire and if you don't have the latest  in fashionable medieval wear, you can get outfitted at one of the many clothing stores in the park. Tasty treats ranged from turkey legs to ice cream and gelato, although I'm not quite sure they had gelato back in the day.

After you finish your shopping, there is entertainment to partake of.  Gregula and I had the pleasure of seeing various acts, including a sarcastic juggling clown, a fire-eating acrobatic act and traditional jousting.  There was an area where everyday tasks were being reenacted, from cooking to housework.  There was a lecture about spices from the era and at the end we were given "Bristol Bucks" to get a free soft drink, how nice!  Other highlights included a Dance of the Dead where everyone gets into a circle to sing "Ring around the Rosy" and a large group of ghoulish folk in black robes try to cause a lot of mayhem and misery.

My personal favorite was a game called "Vegetable Justice" where hilarious insults are thrown st the audience by a lout sticking his head out of a wall and the offended patrons pay him back (for a small fee) with juicy tomatoes being aimed at his face.

We had an absolutely amazing time, wish it didn't have to end so soon but we will try to come again next year!


Labor Day veekend is the last time THOU can visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire for 2013. So, go purchase thy tickets now before it's too late. Huzzah!

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